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Millboard & Accessories

One of the UK's best known composite decking brands is now available from the Landscape Industry Specialist at very competitive prices. The Millboard range consists of 3 different products with a... [ Read more ]
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One of the UK's best known composite decking brands is now available from the Landscape Industry Specialist at very competitive prices.
The Millboard range consists of 3 different products with a whole host of colour options to suit any landscaping project. Subframe parts and accessories also available here.

Enhanced Grain:
Board size: 176 x 3600 x 32mm
Coverage: 1.54 boards per m2
Weight: 11.4Kgs per board​
Weight per m2: 17.6Kg
Fixings per board: 22

Weathered Oak:
Board size: 200 x 3600 x 32mm

Coverage: 1.36 boards per m2
Weight per board: 12.5Kg
Weight per m2: 19.2Kg
Fixings per Board: 22

Why choose this decking?

  • Hand moulded from natural wood for an authentic look and feel.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Will not warp or rot.
  • Hidden fixings.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Resists algae.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Touch up coating available for a perfect finish.

Recommended 4mm gap between boards and 2mm gap at butt ends.
Maximium unsupported overhang for boards is 50mm, each cut board must be supported by a minimum of 3 joists. 
Residential applications: (1.5kN/m2 uniform distributed load) Joists muct support boards at 400mm centres if boards are at 90 degrees to joists, at 45 degrees joists need to be set at 300mm centres.
Commercial applications: (4kN/m2 uniform distributed load) Joists must support boards at 300mm centres if if boards are at 90 degrees to joists, at 45 degrees joists need to be set at 240mm centres.


Edging & Fascia

Millboard edging is unique in that the wood grain continues right round the edge profile to reinforce that beautiful natural wood look and feel.Available in all of the Millboard colours to match the rest of your deck. Choose between square or bullnose profiles (bullnose finish is exclusive to Millboard).  Another handy feature of the specialist flexible edging is that it fits easily around curved edges. Meaning that circular and/or flowing shaped decks can be finished to a very high standard in a relatively short time.

Fascia Board: 3200 x 146 x 16mm

Bullnose: 50 x 2400 x 33mm
Weight per edging: 4.0Kg
Square: 50 x 3200 x 33mm
Weight per edging: 2.9Kg


Fascia boards retain the same attention to detail as the rest of the Millboard range. Beautiful!
Fascia Board: 146 x 3200 x 16mm
Weight per fascia board: 5.2Kg

Save time on edgings by choosing our 150mm bullnose board. The bullnose profile along one edge negates the need for a separate edging. Image how easily it would be to add under-lip lighting or to create coping for planters and floating seating. It's a beautiful, stylish and safe way to finish exposed edges.


Included in our Millboard range are specialist screws and fixers. Click on the drop down box to select Durafix screws. 
A unique, hidden decking fixing making installation easy.  Once in the Lastane coating material on every Millboard simply flexes back over the screw, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark for a cleaner finish. Stainless steel with a self cutting tip and waxed for ease of use. Drill bit included in box.
The 4.5 x 35mm fascia screw (FT35P100) is for situations where tjhe fascia is being fitted to a thinner battens (batten depth can be 25mm or greater), where a longer screw would not work. Leaves a virtually indistinguishable mark once in. Stainless steel.
Subframe hexhead screw: Making installation simple, these heavy duty coated hex flange head screws have a 17 point 'gash' point to reduce drive torque. Also suitable for timber subframe systems.

Touch-up Coating

Perfect for blending in cut ends, our touch-up coating is supplied in 500ml tins and in a range of eight colours to match your choice of Millboard decking.

Sub-frame :- Plas-Pro

Plas-Pro is the perfect support system for our all-weather flooring, and a durable, hardwearing and practical solution for spaces exposed to damp, such as jetties, fishing platforms, pools, roof terraces and boardwalks. Made from 100% recycled plastic, it won’t rot, split or crack.

What is Plas-pro?

Plas-Pro is made from 100% recycled plastic. Using selected graded materials and cleverly engineered processes, not only brings the key environmental benefits but the assurance of superior quality performance.

Being impervious to water ingress Plas-pro will not rot, swell or split like wood, making it particularly suitable around water and damp environments such as jettys, fishing platforms, roof terraces and boardwalks ensuring a maintenance-free solution.


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