Bespoke Porcelain Paving**

Express your individuality with this range of bespoke porcelain paving products.  To supplement our massive stock holding of porcelain pavers, we are offering these amazing bespoke products. There’s a slightly longer delivery lead time - because the tiles will be fired especially for you - but my goodness - they’ll be worth the wait.

Browse the range for inspiration and please feel free to ask us a question.

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Porcelain paving is trending right now in the UK landscape industry, but who wants off the shelf products when you can have bespoke porcelain pavers created just for you?

From top of the range wood-effect outdoor tiles to amazing conglomerate look-alikes, every discerning garden designer will find something they love in our bespoke porcelain paving section.  And if you can’t see what you want - please get in touch with the Arbour Landscape Solutions team who will be more than happy to source your dream products.

Why Choose Bespoke Porcelain Paving ?

  • Bring an extra layer of individuality to your project.
  • Find the tile size an patination to give the effect you want.
  • Overcome shortages in the natural stone industry with amazing replica tiles.
  • Don’t follow fashion - be a trendsetter.
  • Choice of tile thickness to suit your application.

Ordering Samples Of Bespoke Porcelain Paving

All of the bespoke landscaping materials sourced by the Arbour Landscape Solutions team are of the highest possible quality. But don’t take our word for it - order Samples so that you can see and feel the products before you commit to buying.

Our samples are a generous size so that you can compare and contrast different options. Try placing samples in different lights, experiment with wetting them, sit them beside other products you plan on using.  

Need help? Our On Site Specification Service is completely free and in no way obliges you to order from Arbour Landscape Solutions.  One of our landscape industry specialists will bring a whole host of different products to site and join the discussions between you and your clients to help smooth the decision making process. Our experts can advise on the properties, prices and installation techniques of different hard landscaping materials. This will help you choose the most suitable products from a technical point of view. 

Have questions? Talk To One Of Our Landscape Industry Specialists