Landscaping Bricks and Blocks**

Construction Blocks & beautiful Bricks hand made in the UK using natural materials. Quality products like these will enhance any landscaping scheme. Browse the range and order online for speedy Nationwide delivery.

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Building the supporting structure of a garden layout inevitably involves blocks and bricks. Retaining walls, pools, raised beds, steps - it’s very rare that a garden is built without these essential landscaping materials.

The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions has procured a selection of beautifully made Bricks and Blocks that not only look good, they help to boost the UK economy.

We’re especially proud of our bricks. Hand made in the UK using natural clay, these beauties will last for decades, all the time weathering in and maturing with the garden. They come in a nice range of colours, from the very contemporary Minster Grey, to the rich ruby tones of Windsor Red.

Of course, if you can’t see the exact bricks and blocks you need on our website, you are very welcome to Contact The Arbour Landscape Solutions Team, who will be happy to show you some more examples of suitable landscaping bricks. 

Aggregates And Cement

Naturally, if you are laying bricks and blocks, you’ll need some sort of mortar to secure them. Check out the range of Aggregates and Cement on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website. And remember, when you build your first online quotation, we’ll add a discount voucher to the tune of 5% off your first order.  

An Innovative Alternative To Bricks And Mortar

For retaining walls and swimming pools, why not try our Solid Sall System? Recycled car dashboards have been made into moulds that you simply fit together (a bit like Lego) and fill with concrete. The result is a seamless wall all ready for finishing with tiles, render or cladding. Take A Look At The System HERE. 

The Arbour Landscape Solutions Team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about specifying and ordering bricks and blocks for landscaping.  Get In Touch With Us Today.


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