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NEW Online Tool Saves You Hours of Researching Prices

30/03/2021 - Services

The latest feature on the Arbour Landscape Solutions Website will save garden designers and landscapers many hours of researching prices and availability.

“My Bill of Quantities” is a FREE online tool that enables anyone pricing a landscaping project to simply upload their BOQ and have someone else to source and price landscaping materials.

computer keyboard showing bill of quantities

What is My Bill of Quantities?

  • Online tool for landscapers and garden designers who need prices for landscaping materials
  • FREE admin service run by Landscape Industry Specialists
  • Available 24/7 to fit in with your working day
  • Simple to use - only takes 5 minutes to log in and upload your BOQ
  • Results available within 1 working day
  • Can be used to populate your shopping cart when you’re ready to place an order

MD of Arbour Landscape Solutions, Richard Bickler still has nightmares about running a landscaping business and contacting 20 or more suppliers about prices and availability of materials for each project. Which is why he has teamed up with ace website developers, Upshot Media to build the My Bill of Quantities feature for his landscaping supplies website.

The principal is simple - and even better, it’s incredibly easy to use. All you need is a trade login for the Arbour Landscape Solutions website (takes 2 minutes to arrange at no cost) and a bill of quantities in electronic form.

Upload your BOQ to the Arbour Landscape Solutions website and the team will source and price all of the products for you. Your uploaded Bill of Quantities will be processed, priced and in your inbox within 1 working day. You can request prices for standard landscaping materials and bespoke products at the same time. If the team are unable to source the exact materials within your delivery timeframe, they will suggest an alternative product from the Arbour Landscape Solutions range.

From My Bill of Quantities to your landscaping site

To save you even more time, My Bill of Quantities links seamlessly to the ordering facility on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.

The completed pricing schedule will be emailed to you and also uploaded to your personal dashboard on the website in the form of a quote. Each quote is valid for 30 days and can easily be edited by adding or deleting products, or by changing quantities.

The quoting system on this incredibly versatile website, also allows you to collaborate with team members. So a garden designer could pass the quote onto their project manager. A landscaper could run the quotation past the designer or a procurement manager could pass responsibility for ordering onto a landscaping team leader.

When your landscaping build gets underway, all you need to do is click on one button to convert your quote into an order and have all of your materials delivered to site when you need them.

my bill of quantities dashboard

how to upload to my bill of quantities

How to use My Bill of Quantities

Start by creating a trade account on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website. Click here to register online.

Login to your account 

From your welcome dashboard, click on to My Bill of Quantities. From there you will be invited to upload your BOQ document in the form of a spreadsheet, a word document or a pdf.

Sit back, make a cup of tea, do some jobs, eat, sleep, enjoy life and within the space of one working day, you will receive notification that your pricing schedule is ready to review. It really is as simple as that.

Get Started

Watch the explanatory video here

Click here to register for a trade account

Log in to your account.