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Arbour Landscape Solutions Become CASATUA Distributors

30/04/2021 - News

Arbour Landscape Solutions are appointed as exclusive distributors of the CASATUA range of porcelain pavers for the South East of England.

CASATUA has announed that Arbour Landscape Solutions has been appointed as distributors for the South East. We will be stocking the CASATUA ranges at our depot and will service garden designers, landscapers, architects and landscape architects with samples as and when required. 

CASATUA is the newest division of the ABK Group, one of Italy's top porcelain producers. The company has more than 25 years of manufacturing experience and a places a strong focus on external porcelain products. CASTUA porcelain products combine unbeatable durability and ease of maintenance with the beauty and style of Italian design. As an added advantage, the company pride themselves on using sustainable manufacturing techniques.

quote from Richard Bickler about casatua porcelain

CASATUA at Arbour Landscape Solutions

Many of Arbour Landscape Solutions' customers have already had the pleasure of specifying CASATUA porcelain for their projects. The quality and finesse of the product has already been very well recieved. The range is beautifully illustrated and displayed on the website and can be ordered online or added to, and saved as a quote.

There are 46 beautiful products to choose from in stunningly beautiful colourways and patterns. From neutral greys and warm beiges to dramatic darker colours and even wood effect tiles. Bullnosed and mitred downstand steps are also available to order online and of course, your bespoke needs can be catered for too.

Use the link at the bottom of the page to view the entire range. Don't forget, that on Arbour Landscape Solutions' new website, you can add filters to speed up your search. If you know which colour and size of paver you would like, you can very quickly focus on the products that meet your criteria.

Technical Support and Samples

The CASATUA range at Arbour Landscape Solutions deserves closer scrutiny. Samples are free to trade customers and are available as generously sized 400mm x 300mm x 20mm pieces. Samples for your clients are a more convenient 200mm x 100mm size.

To order samples, sign into your account on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, navigate to the products you are interested in and click the "request samples" button. We will do the rest. If you would rather discuss your options with one of our landscape industry specialists, send us an email and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Technical support and advice is freely available from the consultants at Arbour Landscape Solutions. The team is led by Richard Bickler and we are all very happy to answer any questions you may have.  For design advice, why not book one of our on-site specification visits? Again - there's no charge and you will be able to see a large range of products and discuss the pros and cons of each with your client and your own team.

Special Offer for May 2021

To celebrate this collaboration, Arbour Landscape Solutions will be offering a 5% discount for a single purchase of any porcelain pavers or steps throughout the month of May.  Use code CASATUA at the checkout to claim your discount.

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