Solid Wall System Planters

Project Type: Domestic Back Garden
An impressive garden build from Cutting Hedge who used Arbour Landscape Solutions' solid wall system to solve a conundrum regarding their client's mature olive tree.
Build A Deck But Save The Tree

This large garden in West London is very much loved and valued. The client wanted to install a large decking area with steps leading down to the lawn. However, a beautiful olive tree stood in the way. The client, quite rightly, wanted to keep the tree. And so Cutting Hedge set out to build a garden that would last for decades AND turn the tree into a focal point.

A Tree Sized Planter That Will Last For Decades

Rather than have balustrades around the decking, Cutting hedge suggested having raised beds at the end of the deck with a set of sturdy steps in between them. The olive tree could be replanted in one of the raised beds.
Building a planter that will contain the roots of a strong tree and not risk making the decking damp required a certain amount of head scratching.
Traditional concrete blocks may not be suitable for the long haul - the team felt there was a risk of the blocks moving under pressure from the tree roots.
Added to this, a concrete block planter would require damp proofing so as not to weaken the deck structure over time.
A second challenge was linking the raised beds with Millboard's new aluminium duo span support...all in a day's work for an innovative landscaper!


For a stronger, faster and more efficient build that would stand the test of time, the team opted to use Arbour Landscape Solutions' solid wall system and clad the outside in timber to match the deck.
As you can see from the images, the entire project is a triumph. That lighting is a really nice finishing touch to what is a very well executed project.

Our Client Said...
We first saw the product on Instagram. Richard then came down to our Surrey branch to show us a sample. Richard was always at hand to help, guide us through the process.
Cutting Hedge Landscapes (Solid Wall System Planters)