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Perfect for that shaded dell at the bottom of the garden. Ferns were popular in Victorian days and we’re pleased to say they are enjoying a 21st-century resurgence.

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Ferns are like no other plants on earth. Their unique way of reproducing and their ability to adapt to the most challenging conditions make them very special indeed.

We love the variety within the fern genus. From the strappy leaves of the hart’s tongue fern to the stunning colours of the Copper Shield Fern This plant family has a lot to offer the garden designer.

Plants for Shade

Ferns are of course, well known for preferring the damp, shady conditions of a woodland floor. This means that they adapt well to being planted beneath trees and shrubs or in the lee of a wall. But which plants could you use alongside ferns to create an interesting display?

In our herbaceous perennials and shrubs categories, you’ll find a wealth of glamorous plants that look amazing alongside ferns.
  • Pittosporum Irene Patterson – Parchment Bark.A shade-loving shrub with delightfully scented flowers.
  • Geranium ‘Brookside’ – a low growing perennial with cornflower blue flowers all summer long.
  • Liriope Muscari – Unusual perennial with strappy leaves and attractive blue flower spikes in spring.
  • Hydrangea – a fantastic garden shrub that makes an excellent informal hedge.
Don’t forget that ferns prefer damp conditions, so plant them into moisture retentive soil and mulch them well.

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