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Sculpture can transform a garden from great to exceptional! Having your own bespoke steel sculpture that is unique to your garden or for a commercial project is second to none.  Creating a piece that connects with the property owner truly does bring a transformational aspect to any design.

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Arbour Landscape Solutions can source bespoke steel sculptures to enhance your projects for years to come.  Steel is such a great material, bringing permanence and a variety of finishes to fit with the design detail of any project.  Also fantastic for the creation of unique sculptural water features.  We will work with you to create designs to meet the brief.

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Sculpture inspiration.

There is nothing like a bit of inspiration, taking a look at some of the great sculpture artists' work in the landscape really does help with the creative process.  Some of our favorites include the infamous Henry Moore and internationally acclaimed Anne Curry – whose sculptures can be seen at her gardens near Saffron Waldon in Essex.

Why specify garden sculpture?

  • Every garden has a story to tell and this can be communicated with sculpture.
  • Sculpture can forge a relationship between gardens and architecture. Appropriately chosen sculpture can solidify the relationship between a house and its landscape – connecting the two to provide a cohesive space.
  • Sculpture can further enhance the indoor and outdoor connection, bringing design detailing from inside to the outside and creating wonderful vistas for building users.
  • Sculpture reinforces the theme of a garden, for instance, should you be specifying a calm peaceful, and contemplative space you may incorporate a budda to reinforce the soothing qualities of the rest of the garden, likewise a contemporary garden could support a far more modern piece.
  • Defining the use of the garden space can be supported by sculpture, embedding garden ‘rooms’ in purpose, making it clear which each space is for.
  • Like all creative processes – garden design included, sculpture can evoke emotion, highlighting the sensation of the very garden itself.

 Looking for garden design inspiration? Take a look at our case studies to discover different uses for sculpture in garden design and landscaping

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