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Selecting and sourcing plants and seeds can be time consuming but here at Arbour Landscape Solutions we try to make it as simple as possible for you.

UK grown plants (wherever possible!)

The plants for sale on our landscaping supplies website have been especially selected by Richard Bickler. When you order plants online from the Landscape Industry Specialist you can be confident that they will be healthy, beautifully shaped and most importantly, sourced from UK growers.
UK grown plants are acclimatised to our weather conditions. They also have a shorter journey from the nursery to your site so won’t be exhausted by spending days in the back of a lorry. What we like most about buying UK grown plants though is that they negate the risk of bringing pests and diseases into our country from abroad.
Every single one of the plants available to buy from Arbour Landscape Solutions is fully compliant with UK plant passport requirements. As with all of our landscaping supplies – safety is key.

Right plant, right place

Every horticulturist knows that when plants have the conditions they crave, they usually stay healthy and look fantastic. That’s why every one of our plant descriptions gives you a broad overview of the conditions they like to grow in. Some are shade lovers, some prefer full sun.
We know that you build gardens to last. And so, also in the plant description you’ll find an indication of how fast the plant will grow and how big it will be at maturity.

Delivery lead times

Most of the plants in this category have a 3 working day lead time. Order on Monday and your plants will be delivered on Thursday, order Tuesday for a Friday delivery etc. Don’t worry though, when you order plants online from ALS, the whole team is here to support you through the process. We’ll let you know exactly when to expect your plant delivery so that you don’t need to be chasing the supplier.

Get a quote for your wholesale plants

Use the ALS online quoting system to price up your plants. When you are ready to order, your quote can be moved into your shopping basket with just one click of the mouse.
Can’t see what you need? Email your picking list to the ALS team and we’ll be back to you with a fixed quote before you know it.
We’re here to save you time and money.

Buy landscaping seeds online

Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a great range of grass seed and wildflower seeds at wholesale prices. Check out the relevant categories to find the right seed mix for your project. Need help? Contact us with your questions and together we'll find the right solution for you.

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