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For structure, colour and ease of maintenance. Good quality shrubs are the mainstay of many a planting plan.

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Not a day goes past when the Arbour Landscape Solutions team is not asked to quote customers for shrubs and plants. This section of the website enables you to order robust, healthy, UK grown shrubs with just a click of your mouse button. In this category, you’ll find examples of our most frequently requested shrubs as well as a few new varieties to adorn your planting plans.

Need inspiration?

Our colleague Angela, is a beekeeper. If you are keen to attract pollinators to your garden, these are a few of her favourite, bee-friendly shrubs.
  • Choisya – not only does it feed every bee in the neighbourhood, but the flowers also smell divine. 
  • Compact Thyme  - a wonderful dome-shaped shrub with the added advantage of aromatic leaves that can be used in cooking
  • Hebe wiri image  - This one will reach a good size if left to grow unchecked and oh- those flowers just hum with bee song in summer
  • Hydrangea – some think it’s old-fashioned, I think it’s iconic. Hydrangeas remind me of childhood holidays in Cornwall. I have a hydrangea hedge in my own garden and love drying the flowers for indoor decoration 
  • Ribes King Edward – a brightly coloured early bloomer that seems to be a good supply lots of pollen and nectar. Very easy to care for and deserves a place in any planting plan. 

Shrub sourcing service

Which shrubs will you use in your next landscaping project? The selection available from our website continues to grow, so please pop back when you need inspiration.

Can’t see what you need? Our plant sourcing service can save you hours of searching – simply email us your bill of quantities and one of the team will source and price your plants for you.  We aim have a quote ready for you within 2 working days of receiving your enquiry. And best of all, the service is completely free.

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