Solid Wall Retaining Blocks**

At last! a simple way of building a retaining wall. Use this innovative method for retaining walls, water features, hot tubs, jacuzzis, fish ponds, and so much more.

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The Solid Wall System marketed by Arbour Landscape Solutions is one of the best innovations to hit the landscape supplies market in recent times.

Quicker, more flexible and kinder to the environment than using standard concrete building blocks, this system allows you to build solid walls with no joins.

Hollow, recycled plastic moulds are assembled in to the shape and size you’d like. When you are happy that they meet the criteria in the garden design, fill them with poured concrete and leave to set.  Once the concrete has gone off, your walls can be rendered, tiled, cladded or decorated to your heart’s content.

Why Use Solid Wall?

  • Light weight blocks - easier on your back and cheaper to transport.
  • No need to hire specialist masons or bricklayers.
  • Environmentally friendly - made from 100% recycled polypropylene.
  • Will not burst under the pressure of poured concrete (unlike traditional shutters)
  • Can be assembled in any weather - rain, frost, sun - anything. Meaning you can finish your work on schedule.
  • Can be built to any shape - thanks to flexiblocks.
  • Moulds are easy to cut with diamond tip blades - less dust than cutting traditional concrete blocks.
  • Creates reinforced concrete walls that are immensely strong and extremely durable.
  • Finish to your taste - can be painted, cladded, rendered, tiled or lined to create water feature.

Learn How To Create Solid Walls

As with any of the landscaping materials on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, we offer full technical support.
Using the solid wall system is remarkably easy, but if you are a first-timer we perfectly understand that you might need lots of information before starting work.
Don’t Worry, Contact Our Team And We Will Help.  


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