Cloud Landscaping

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Chris Loud of Cloud Landscaping in Somerset describes how swapping to Arbour Landscape Solutions machinery hire service has helped his business enormously.
Keeping costs down without sacrificing service levels

Cloud Landscaping is based in Somerset where almost every garden slopes and requires an element of recountouring before hard landscaping works begin.
Having a young business and relatively little space for secure storage, owner Chris Loud was using a local machinery hire firm to supply excavators, dump trucks, stump grinders etc. He'd described himself as a regular customer and so was dismayed when he realised that he'd been charge a lot more than usual for a last-minute mini-digger rental.

Are local suppliers more responsive than national companies?

The unplanned hire arose when Chris realised he needed to reduce the levels on site by a further 100mm. Too much for hand-digging! That inflated price really didn't help his profit margin!From that moment, Chris vowed to keep a closer eye on costs. However, he enjoyed working with a local company who could respond quickly to his machinery hire needs.
Expressing his concerns on Facebook's Landscape Industry Professionals group, Chris received an excellent response from landscaping colleagues around the UK. It seems he's not the only one who has been in a quandry.
One name that cropped up several times in the conversation was Richard Bickler of Arbour Landscape Solutions. Feeling cynical that someone from Borehamwood would be able to provide a better (and cheaper!) service than the local firm, Chris contacted ALS

Chris changes supplier!

Chris was very pleasantly surprised when he recieved his quote for excavator hire - so much so that he wondered if the machinery really would turn up next day as promised. True to form though, a well maintained machine arived on site at the appointed time. The whole process was seamless AND cost effective. Now Chris's only problem is deciding what to do with the money he's saved. Will he add it into the profit margin, or will he put a more competitive quote in for the next project?