Paving Grouts

Get those fiddly jobs finished to a high standard with Arbour Landscape Solution’s range of paving grouts.

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We landscapers all know that paving grouts can make or break a project.  Great grouting really does make a job look finished. Whether your grout is colour matched to your stone, or whether it contrasts with it - the standard of your craftsmanship will be judged by your grouting ability.

Arbour Landscape Solutions is pleased to offer you a range of pointing and grouting materials that will showcase your work. And, hopefully, make your life easier too.

All Weather Paving Grouts.

We are proud to stock GFTK’s range of jointing and paving mortar. As soon as our Landscape Industry Specialists discovered this amazing product, we knew we just had to share it with the world. 

Not only can you apply GFTK standing up (no more painful knees!), GFTK can be applied in almost any weather.  Provided the temperature is over 7 degrees Celsius, you can get your patios pointed. Doesn’t matter if its pouring with rain, blowing a hooley or swelteringly hot - this product is a dream to work with.

Be sure to pick the right GFTK for your project.  The product descriptions are fairly comprehensive but if you need any technical advice, we’re on hand to help.

Flowpoint Cement Grouts

Much as we love to bring you new landscaping materials to try, there’s something special about all of the old favourites.  Flowpoint grouts have been on the scene for more than 2 decades. Why? Because they are great products. You’ll find a wide range of Flowpoint products on our website all ready for you to order online and all at trade prices. 

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