Stone Cleaners and Sealants

Everything you need to bring out and maintain the natural beauty of your hard landscaping materials.

Solve all of your patio cleaning problems with products from our Stone Enhancing, Sealing and Cleaning range.

Even Mother Nature needs a little help from time to time. We’ve curated a range of professional quality Stone Enhancers, Stone Sealers and Stone Cleaners to maintain the beauty of your hard landscaping materials.
Recycling pavers from a previous project? You’ll find our S-Tech products do a fine job of cleaning them up without damaging the surface of the stone. (Always try a test patch first though, just to be sure).

Customers horrified by the appearance of natural efflorescence? Eff-Erayza is a gentle acid treatment that will remove efflorescence, grout haze and any number of imperfections.
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Need to seal your stone before you lay it? Try our Stone Sealer. It’s easy to apply, porous, invisible once dry and most importantly, is very effective at repelling everyday stains. Porcelain Plus is ideal for – well – Porcelain Pavers, XTech Cladding and XTech Countertops, whilst Stain Proof Original does a fantastic job of protecting porous hard landscaping surfaces.

Stone and Clay Pavers, are of course, naturally beautiful. But you can enhance that beauty, even more, using our Intensifia Stone Enhancers. Suitable for use on porous surfaces such as natural stone, clay, terracotta, brick or concrete, this product not only accentuates colours, it seals and protects too.
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All of the products in our Stone Enhancer, Stone Sealer and Stone Cleaner range come highly recommended by our MD, Richard Bickler. In fact, he often tests them in his own garden before adding them to the range of landscaping materials available to buy online.
Here’s what Richard has to say about our Black Spot Mould Remover
“I used 5 litres and it did around 15m2 in 20 minutes. It dissolved the mould and I was ready to use the pressure washer – but didn’t need it".

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