Reclaimed and Feature Stone

What could be more environmentally friendly than reusing pre-loved landscaping materials?  At Arbour Landscape Solutions we are always ready and willing to source Reclaimed Natural Stone products to add character to your designs.

Reduce, re-use, recycle. The UK Landscape Industry is all about creating beautiful spaces that truly improve lives. When you use Reclaimed Natural Stone in your projects, you are also helping the planet.

Any natural stone product needs energy to extract it from the ground and shape it into pavers, copings, steps, and amazing art.  Reclaimed Natural Stone has already been extracted and carved – it makes perfect sense to leave the “new” stuff in the ground and use what is already to hand.

The one thing that Reclaimed Stone offers over and above newly quarried alternatives is character. Every piece has a story to tell. Wherever possible, we’ll let you know where it came from, what it has been used for and who rescued it from the prospect of going to landfill. Imagine how your clients will enjoy relating the story to their friends and family. That sort of thing is priceless!

Specifying Reclaimed Natural Stone.

There are two options for specifying natural stone.
  1. You decide what you want and then the Arbour Landscape Solutions Team will go and find it for you.
  1. Contact Arbour Landscape Solutions to check on availability and then adapt your design to suit it.
Whether you are looking for Reclaimed Stone Setts, feature stone, Pre-loved York Stone Slabs, or beautiful boulders, Richard and his team can help.

Speedy Delivery.

Arbour Landscape Solutions is well known for speedy and efficient service. We use Whatsapp to communicate with you at every stage of the procurement and delivery process so that you always know when to expect your landscaping materials. Why Whatsapp? It means that we can pass the information on without disturbing your day. Plus – you have the information in writing – so no danger of getting our wires crossed.