Slate Paving and Steps

Who doesn’t love the dramatic yet authentic look and feel of slate paving? You'll find plenty to choose from on our website.


Slate paving has a completely unique look and feel which makes it popular with garden designers and landscapers who want their work to be truly original and distinctive.

The stone itself was formed millions of years ago from super-compressed layers of clay, silt, and/or volcanic dust. It’s most often associated with shades of grey but can also be purple, green, or cyan depending on the minerals within it.  

Take our Copper Slate Paving for example Its base colour is the classic dark grey that you associate with slate, however, these particular pavers are infused with rich coppery tones as well as deep blues and the occasional streak of white calcium carbonate.

For a more classic slate patio, you might prefer our Brazilian Black Slate which is amongst one of the darkest paving stones in our natural stone range.

Bespoke Slate Paving Supplies

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Our landscape industry specialists are on hand to take the hassle out of procuring customised landscaping materials. Whether you need bespoke slate copings, steps, or slabs, we will organise supply direct from trusted quarries. We will gather samples, check and double-check measurements, and even visit the quarry ourselves to hand select your bespoke slate products.

MOT Type 1, Cement, Grouts, And Pointing Materials.

We believe that Arbour Landscape Solutions has one of the largest ranges of landscaping materials in the UK. Which makes us a one-stop-shop. As well as your slate pavers, you can confidently order sand, cement, type 1, pointing materials, wet saws, and cutting blades for delivery direct to site.

Use our free, online quoting system to price your jobs and when you’re ready, simply press the buy button to turn your quote into an order.  We’re here to make your life easier.

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