Green Roofing Supplies

Green Roofs are becoming a well-understood element in our urban landscape and raised awareness of the benefits of green roofs are driving the demand across the UK and beyond. Customers are keen to add them not only to commercial properties but also to domestic homes and garden structures – even the garden shed or a bike shed can benefit from a green roof.

The term ‘Green Roof’ covers a number of different green roof systems. Typically three terms are used to describe the different types of a green roof, here is a quick explainer:

Extensive roofs use low-maintenance plants, most commonly Wildflower Roof Turf, supplied on mats.
Semi-intensive roofs include a wider variety of hardy, drought-resistant plants including wildflowers, herbaceous perennials, grasses, and small shrubs.
Intensive roofs include the widest variety of plants as they are built with a deeper substrate and have a bigger load-bearing capacity, this means that everything from perennials, grasses, bulbs, shrubs, trees and lawns can be incorporated and they are typically used as gardens and rooftop amenity spaces. 
Arbour Landscape Solutions supplies a variety of green roof components including wild flower matting, jac boxes and edging, Click HERE To Find Out More.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Roofs?

  • Green roofs are sponges, they soak up rainwater and mitigate water run-off – this is very important in urban areas where flash flooding can create big drainage problems.
  • Green roofs support biodiversity, enabling smart horticultural content to support the birds the bugs and the bees! 
  • Green roofs provide excellent insulation to a building keeping it warm in winter and vitally cooler in ever hotter summers
  • Green roofs help to purify the air, the plants specified on green roofs trap particulate matter from the air making our urban homes and businesses much healthier places to live and work.
  • If you have solar panels on your roof they will work more efficiently if the roof is green.  The ability of plants to reduce ambient air temperature from evapotranspiration improves the productively of solar panels.
  • A green roof extends the life span of a roof – making it a good investment.

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