Soft Landscaping Surfaces

Introducing our comprehensive range of soft landscaping surfaces for industry professionals. Everything from lawn turf to biodiverse wildflower matting as well as soils, composts, mulches and play surfaces.

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Soft landscaping describes the parts of the garden that are natural. The plants, trees, soils, and mulches that help reduce the carbon footprint of a garden, create homes for wildlife and contribute so much to our wellbeing. In this section of the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, we’re focussing on soft landscaping surfaces. The products that have been grown and harvested rather than manufactured or quarried.

Lovely Lawns And Wildflower Areas

First off, is that quintessentially British garden soft landscaping surface, the lawn.  For economy lawns, we offer a vast range of Grass Seeds. Need something speedier than seed? Check out our UK Grown Lawn Turf.

If you want biodiversity in your landscaping project, you'll find plenty of choice in our range Wildflower Turf Products. Creating species-rich soft landscaping surfaces couldn’t be easier. Simply select the most appropriate wildflower turf for your project, place your order, and when the pre-grown mats are delivered to site, just unroll them onto prepared ground and water them in.

Healthy Soils

All of the soils available to order online from our landscaping supplies website have been thoroughly tested for quality and safety. Order from Arbour Landscape Solutions and you can be confident of receiving beautiful landscaping soil. It’s just right for contouring, improving the existing soil or filling planters and raised beds.

Save ££££’s by ordering bulk loads of soil.  Click Here To Discuss Prices And Availability.

Mulches And Play Surfaces

Sourced from sustainable producers in the UK, all of our Woodchip Mulches, Bark Products, And Play Nuggets are of the highest quality. Available in bags or bulk with speedy delivery lead times, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

Best Value Soft Landscaping Surfaces

The Arbour Landscape Solutions team are confident that all of the soft landscaping surfaces in our range offer great value for money without compromising quality.

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