Landscaping Drainage Solutions

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we know how important drainage is to the success of any landscaping project. Browse our range of top-quality landscaping materials to aid efficient drainage.


Drainage may be one of the landscaping skills that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. With 60 years of combined experience, the Arbour Landscape Solutions team understands the landscaper’s dilemma.

Getting the drainage just right can be a challenge. You are battling with soil type, slopes and aspects, runoff from buildings and hard landscaping, planning restrictions, and, of course, budget. And after all that – you need to make it fit the design AND look beautiful.
The collection of landscaping materials in this category have been collated with a view to functionality, longevity, pricing, and, of course, style.

Check out our beautiful Threshold Drains. Discreet, attractive, and easy to install and maintain.

These Slot Drain Channels are barely visible in the finished project yet do a splendid job of carrying excess water to somewhere that it will do no harm.

Or how about Recessed Manhole Covers to ensure that utilities are well hidden but still accessible?

These Soak Away Crates may never see the light of day after they’ve been installed, which of course makes it even more important that they are durable.

Last but not least – one of our favourite products in this section is the Grass Topped Recessed Manhole Cover. No more compromising on design, these beauties allow you to grow a beautiful lawn or wildflower area with essential utilities cunningly disguised.

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As always, our team of landscape industry specialists is at your disposal.