Bedding Mortar

For proven reliability, sustainability and long lasting paving products, choose one of the environmentally friendly bedding mortars from our website.  Made from at least 20% recycled materials, these products are easy to use and can normally receive foot traffic with 12 hours.  With a shelf life of around 8 months, it’s well worth buying in bulk.  The more you buy, the more ££££’s you save.


When it comes to choosing bedding mortar for a landscaping project, you can’t be too fussy. This is the foundation layer for all of your hard landscaping and its quality will ultimately impact on the durability of the finished garden.  We all want to be like those wonderful landscapers of yesteryear whose work is still revered decades - even centuries - after they have passed. To achieve that accolade you need to be using the very best landscaping materials.

What is Eco Friendly Bedding Mortar?

Bedding mortar is the stabilising layer beneath natural stone paving, cobbles, flags, block paving and porcelain tiles.  It’s what stops those pavers from jiggling about and creating a dangerously uneven surface.  Recent innovations mean that it is now possible to create bedding mortar using recycled products, thus reducing some of the need to quarry aggregates.

Ultrascape eco-bed bedding mortar  has been formulated to exceed the requirements for BS 7533 - the British Standard for the design of modular paving.  It contains one fifth (20%) recycled material and has been carefully formulated so as to be resistant to environmental erosion. It will not degrade over time and therefore there is minimal risk of increasing the point loads on slabs which can lead to breakage.

Key points:

  • BS7533 compliant.
  • Can be laid 10mm - 100mm in one pass.
  • Takes pedestrian traffic after 12 hours.
  • Open to vehicular traffic in 24 hours.
  • Pre-blended - simply add water and mix for 3-5 minutes.
  • Use in temperatures of 5 degrees celsius or above.
  • For best results, apply Ultrascape Pro Prime to the supporting layer before adding Ultrascape Eco-Bed mortar (this is a requirement of the British Standard for pavements constructed on a bound base)
  • Prime the underside of all paving elements.
  • Yield is approximately 13.36 square metres per 25Kg bag.

Download our technical sheet for more information and always read the instructions carefully before using Eco-Bed bedding mortar.

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