Granite Paving and Steps

Granite is such a distinctive landscaping material that it hardly needs any introduction. Hard-working, attractive, and 100% natural – what’s not to like about granite paving?


Granite is an ancient rock formed when magma slowly cooled and crystallised underground. Consequently, it has a wonderful granular appearance made mostly of three different minerals. Quartz, feldspar, and mica. Each of these minerals is a different colour and so the proportions of each defines what your granite looks like.

Most of the granite in the UK was formed 300 million years ago and it’s still very much there (think about the Granite Tors on Dartmoor) Testament to the fact that this rock is extremely durable.

Buying Granite Paving Online.

Arbour Landscape Solutions offers quite a comprehensive range of granite pavers to order online. Choose from the classic beauty of Silver Grey Granite, or the eye catching magnificence of Black Granite Paving.

For each type of paving there is a matching selection of bullnose steps to complete your landscaping project.

Should Granite Pavers be Sealed?

The stone specialists at Arbour Landscape Solutions recommend sealing granite before installing it to prevent ugly marks or staining.

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Delivery Lead Times for Granite Paving

At Arbour, we understand that you are working to a tight schedule. Our granite pavers, granite steps, and bespoke granite stone are sourced from Europe for speedier delivery times and a lower carbon footprint.

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