Adhesives & Primers

Create a strong bond between paving elements and their bedding mortar with Arbour Landscape Solutions range of paving primers. All at trade prices of course!


There are lots of good reasons why you should use paving primers when laying natural stone, porcelain pavers, wall copings, steps or even stone setts.  You might have heard them referred to  as bond bridges, slurry primers, primers or bond coats (plus a host of other terms that landscapers might use on site but should never be used in writing).

In the long term the technique is going to really add value to your work and earn you lots of word of mouth advertising. Trust me, when clients realise that compared to less scrupulous landscapers, your patios stay stronger for longer - the work will come flooding in.

Adds Longevity To Your Work.

A strong bond with the bedding means that those pavers aren’t going to move. No matter what the weather throws at them or how the client uses them.  Saves you re-visiting your work to make repairs!

Avoids Efflorescence 

Using paving primers creates a seal between the bedding mortar and your pavers. That means - particularly with natural stone, that moisture is less likely to permeate your paving from beneath. Which in turn means less risk of the mineral leaching that causes those funny, fuzzy marks on your immaculate patio.

Perfect Porcelain

We strongly recommend using paving primers with porcelain slabs. Because these pavers are, by nature, impermeable, it can be really difficult to get good adhesion. Paving primers overcome this problem and ensure that your porcelain patio, steps and copings stay put.

Wall Copings And Steps

Nobody wants copings or steps to come loose - just think of the potential danger. Using a paving primer leaves you confident that your work will be safe for a very long time.

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