Lawn Edging

Neat edging can really bring a clean finish to a project, defining the lawn from where other surfaces begin and also enabling for easier to manage lawn maintenance. You'll love our UK made Metal Lawn Edging.  

Need something more bespoke? We can help. Send us an email with your requirements and we'll get right back to you with a price.

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I love to see gardens where the landscaper has paid attention to detail by including a smart lawn edging. Not only does it make for easy maintenance, it means that the lawn won’t spread into paths or borders where grass plants are not welcome.

Which Lawn Edging Should I Choose?

The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are currently offering a British Made Lawn Edging of the very highest quality. Look for the blue Arbour Icon in the top right hand corner of the product image. It comes in several different heights and gauges - or, of course, you can specify a bespoke lawn edging to precisely suit your project.

We also offer Aluminium Flexible Edging which is great for lawns and also ideally suited to green roofing projects.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Lawn

  • Roughly prepare the ground by digging to a depth of at least 15cm.
  • If you are importing most to the topsoil, be sure to break the ground first to relieve soil compaction.
  • Mark out the area where your lawn is to be and install your lawn edging.
  • Finish preparing the soil by raking to break up big lumps and create a level surface.
  • Add pre-turfing fertiliser and rake it in.
  • Lay turf or sow seed.
  • Keep well watered until plants are established (2-3 weeks for turf, 2-3 months for seed)
  • Give your lawn it’s first mow when turf is well rooted and/or when seeded grass is around 7.5cm (3 inches) tall.
  • Mow little and often for the first few months, NEVER remove more than 25% of the growth in one session.
  • Feed every 6-8 weeks to help grow strong plants.

Grass Seed and Lawn Turf are available to order online from Arbour Landscape Solutions. Follow the links for more information

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Order Grass Seed Online.