Barks, Mulches and Play Surfaces

From a budget grade Mulch to beautiful chunky Pine Nuggets. It's the finishing touches that really enhance your work and aid sustainability. Sustainably sourced in the UK.

Browse our range and order mulch online in Small Bags, Bulk Bags or Loose Loads.  

As our climate changes and landscaping clients request low maintenance planting more and more often, we landscapers need to find solutions that look good and work well.
Weed Control Membrane often springs to mind, but if you prefer not to use plastic in your gardens, why not rely instead on a good thick layer of mulch?

When you buy from Arbour Landscape Solutions you can Select from 7 types of Bark Mulch to finish your projects. From Commercial Grade Ornamental Bark to Pine Play Bark for Play Surfaces you will find what you need here.  

How Much Mulch To Use

For weed control and to help retain soil moisture, we recommend a layer of mulch that is at least 5cm deep around herbaceous perennials. For trees and shrubs, provided that the mulch is not touching the stems, you can go to 8 cm.
If you are using mulch or play bark beneath children’s play equipment, you will find suggested depths in each product description. The thickness of bark mulch required depends on the critical fall heights and the type of mulch you have chosen.
To calculate the amount of mulch you need to order, multiply the width of the area by its length and then by the depth required. This will give you a measurement in volume.  As a rule of thumb, one cubic metre = 1000 litres of bark

Bark Mulches really enhance the finish of beds and protect and nourish the soil beneath, keeping the weeds at bay and enhancing water retention for healthy borders. Browse our website to find the perfect mulch for your projects.