Porcelain Paving Slabs

What could be more exciting in a garden than precision manufactured porcelain pavers in the size and colour of your choice? Arbour Landscape Solutions have commissioned and imported their own, unique range of porcelain pavers to suit the tastes of British Garden Designers, Landscapers and Self-Builders.

These are just too good to overlook - please order some samples - there's no better way to judge the quality of these porcelain pavers.

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Porcelain paving has a whole host of advantages over natural stone. To start with, porcelain pavers are non-porous, which means no danger of staining when the wine is spilled or the barbecue sauce spatters. Non-porous also means no danger of unsightly efflorescence or mineral leaching worrying your clients. They’re scratch-resistant too – so drag that furniture around to your heart’s content.
These pavers look smooth, but in fact, they have a very subtle textured – which means that they are non-slip. Perfect for poolside!

Where Could You Use Porcelain Paving ?

With the extensive range of porcelain paving available from Arbour Landscape Solutions, you could use them in almost any garden design.

  • Paths.
  • Patios.
  • Seating areas.
  • Outdoor Kitchens (they’re easily cleaned!)
  • Garage floors (no more oil stains!)
  • Courtyard gardens.
  • Poolside gardens.
  • Hot tub surrounds.
  • Low maintenance gardens.
  • Public open spaces.
  • Roof terraces.
  • Interiors (perfect for indoor-outdoor spaces)
Check out this public access RHS Hampton Court 2022 Garden featured our Pietra Jura Beige Porcelain Paving 

Laying Porcelain Paving.

Just as you’d expect from the Landscape Industry Specialists, our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about specifying and laying porcelain paving.

Consistently accurate sizes mean it’s easy to achieve those perfectly precise joints that define a high-quality landscaping job. Use our Levelling Clips, Caps & Spacers to make your life even easier. 

We also have a good selection of Table Saws, Diamond Cutting Blades, Adhesives And Grouts to help you complete your work to a high standard.

Product Samples.

It’s easy to Request Samples of our porcelain paving. We hold an extensive stock and can normally despatch samples next working day.

All you need to do is log in to your trade account on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, navigate to the porcelain pavers you are interested in, and then click on the “request samples” button. It’s as simple as that. One Click. No need to wait for office hours, no inconvenient phone calls, no need to type out a lengthy email. We aim to take the pain out of procurement.

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