Green Walls

Green walls are the ultimate solution to maximising the amount of greenery you can fit into a landscaping project.  Make the most of every square centimetre of space by literally cloaking vertical surfaces with green. 

***NEW*** for 2023 is the Plantbox Living Wall System for easy installation and maximum impact.  Take a look at the product description below.

As the demand for green walls increases so the array of available systems becomes bigger and more and more confusing.

At Arbour Landscaping Solutions, we like to keep things simple. Which is why we have teamed up with Growing Revolution to bring you the PlantBox Living Wall System.  It’s simple to install and even simpler to maintain. With no complicated fixings, assemblies or irrigation systems to worry about. It’s the perfect product for clients who want a new garden feature but may not wish to sign up for ongoing maintenance.

The Benefits Of Living Green Walls

There’s more to a green wall than just the aesthetic, particularly if you choose one with real live plants.

yes Great for biophilic design schemes which aim to improve mood, wellness and productivity

yes Hides and softens ugly walls and fences

yes Creates a feeling of luxury

yes Living walls boost biodiversity in a big way by providing shelter and forage for a myriad of creatures.

yes Plants improve air quality through photosynthesis and by trapping airborne pollutants.

yes​​​​​​​ As they transpire, plants help to cool the air around them, meaning that green walls can make a hot day feel more bearable.

yes​​​​​​​ Living walls add an extra layer of insulation to a building

yes​​​​​​​ Terrific potential for increasing food production in small spaces - think herbs, salad leaves, strawberries, tumbling tomatoes, edible flowers and baby beets.
yes​​​​​​​ Good at absorbing noise - grow a green wall to help soften the sound of passing traffic.

Bespoke Green Walling Solutions

Every green wall project will be different in terms of location, size, function and the scope for ongoing maintenance.  If you need help sourcing the right green walling solution for your project, the team at Arbour Landscape Solutions are at your service.  We can put you in touch with designers, specifiers, horticulturists and installers to help you bring your ideas to life.  Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and pick our brains - we’re as passionate about your project as you are!

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