Green Walls**

Green Walls are the perfect solution to bringing vibrant plants to space-limited gardens or for commercial clients seeking to enhance their sense of arrival or staff and customer relaxation areas.  Incorporating up to 49 plants per square meter, they really do bring a boost to biodiversity and bring a wow factor unrivalled by other cladding features.

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Green Walls can be supplied using many different systems, some are modular and pre-grown before installation others are planted in situ using textile or trough designs.  The Green Wall (living wall) trend has been in the UK since 2006 and is now a very familiar tool used in boosting green infrastructure with the powerful benefits of plants.

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What Are The Benefits Of Green Walls?

  • Green walls bring a much-needed boost to urban biodiversity helping to create forage for urban wildlife.
  • Green walls mitigate the urban heat island effect, the evapo-transpiration of plants cools localised air dramatically, making them the perfect antidote for spiking urban summer temperatures.
  • Green walls help to improve air quality, when planted with pollution busting plants which trap particulate matter.
  • Living walls bring an aesthetic WOW factor to any garden or commercial property, helping to create truly memorable spaces.
  • Green walls help to bring plants to otherwise barren urban landscapes where it would be impossible to deliver the benefits of plants using any other method.
  • Living walls help to both insulate buildings in the winter and cool them in the summer.

Key Installation Notes

All living walls need a source of water so that integrated irrigation can be included, when specifying a living wall, ensure you have access to a water source.
Consider drainage for living wall installations to ensure there is a place for excess water run-off to be channelled.
Planting which is site-specific, just like a landscaped garden should be considered – is the location of the living wall in full sunlight or shade?  This will dictate the planting palette.

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