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Meet the team

Arbour Landscape Solutions is the brainchild of MD Richard Bickler – also known as The Landscape Industry Specialist. But behind the man is a whole team of people who help to keep the wheels turning.
Introducing the ALS Team

Richard Bickler

Joint Managing Director and head of procurement, sales, logistics and technical information. Richard works tirelessly to make a wide range of materials available to professional landscapers, garden designers, architects, greenkeepers and grounds maintenance companies all over the UK.  As an ex-landscaper himself, Richard’s focus is on quality and practicality. He understands each and every product on the website and can answer technical questions to help you find the perfect materials for your projects.  Click here for a Q & A session with Richard



Gaby Bickler

Behind every great man is an absolutely awesome woman and that’s never more true than in this case. Gaby oversees all of the Company accounting and keeps Richard's feet firmly on the ground.

Roman Endisch

Roman is our IT and software developer. His skill ensures that the ALS website integrates seamlessly with our accounting software and communicates with suppliers for speedy and efficient service.

Debs Addison

Debs works from deepest Norfolk where she earned her stripes managing a branch of one of our well known retail outlets before spending several years co-ordinating sales and despatches for one of the UK’s largest turf growers. We love Debs for her “can do” attitude, cheerful approach and unsurpassed efficiency.

Angela Lambert

Angela aka Ladylawn is a freelance marketer and copywriter who also once worked for a turf grower. This is the lady who helps me to put the words on the website.

Stuart Reed

Stuart is one of the dynamic duo at Upshot Media who have designed, built, tweaked and developed the Arbour Landscape Solutions website. I'm indebted to Stuart and his co-Director Jason for their high standards of workmanship.

Jason Goodyer

This man has a brain like no other. Jason is the technical genius behind the ALS website. No challenge is too complex or too difficult for this skilled web developer. He's the person who has made the ALS website so incredibly user-friendly.  Not just for customers either - Angela, Debs and I love the content management system behind the site - its so easy to use.

Mia Bickler

Nobody understands social media better than our young people and Mia is no exception.  She supports our social media team in so many ways. Mia ensures that our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles are interesting, entertaining and up to date.