Sandstone Paving

For that classic heirloom-quality look and feel for your hard landscaping, choose natural sandstone. Arbour Landscape Solutions offers a diverse range of sandstone paving to order online. 



Created millions of years ago by the natural forces that shaped our world, sandstone makes a beautiful and durable landscaping material.

The stone itself was formed when minuscule grains of sand and minerals were deposited by rivers, lakes, glaciers, and oceans and then compressed by the weight of more sand, etc pressing down upon them. As the pressure increases, the rock particles undergo a process called lithification. All that means is that any fluid in the layers reacts with the minerals and/or the sand to make a kind of cement that binds everything together.

Choosing The Right Type Of Sandstone For Your Project.

Depending on the type of sand and minerals it is formed from, sandstone can take on a wide variety of colours. Amongst the sandstone pavers available to order online from Arbour landscape Solutions, you’ll find tones of grey, buff, camel, charcoal, and even green.

Do you prefer riven sandstone or would a Sawn Finish be more suitable for your project? Perhaps you would like a tumbled surface?

Whichever colour or finish you choose, Arbour Landscape Solutions can also supply you with coping stones, steps, or other bespoke stone features. Simply Email Us With The Details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a delivered price.

Order Your Samples Today

It’s very difficult to order sandstone pavers based on a photograph on a website. That’s why Arbour Landscape Solutions offers samples to any of our registered trade customers.  Simply Log Into Your Trade Account, browse the sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, and porcelain pavers on our website and click on the “request sample” button whenever you see something that takes your fancy.  Your samples will normally be despatched the next working day.

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Looking for Inspiration?

This case study showcases our Kandla Grey Sandstone - Click Here To See How It Looks In Situ