Arbour Landscape Solutions Environmental Policy

The Landscaping community is one of the best placed industries to help improve our environment and the whole team at Arbour Landscape Solutions is here to help you as well as doing our bit.

Ethically Sourced Products.

Every single one of the products on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website (and all of the ones available offline) are assessed for:

  • Country of origin.
  • Sustainable production/growing methods.
  • Health and appearance of plants, trees and hedges.
  • Quality and sustainability credentials.
  • Packaging.
  • Method of Transport.
  • Priced so that customer’s businesses can be sustainable too.

We have structured our new website to meet our environmental policy as we grow. Arbour UK Made and Arbour ECO ranges have been curated to make product selection even more straightforward for customers. For commercial work this also helps to foster informed procurement choices.

Dropping our Carbon Footprint

We endeavour to source as many products as we can from the United Kingdom, to minimise our carbon footprint. Where we can, we will always source locally.

The majority of our goods are transported via a pallet network system, known to be the most fuel-efficient method of distribution.

Our business model has always been based on home working, we minimise the carbon footprint of staff travelling to an office and the additional energy required to run an operational office.

Paperless systems

When you order through the Arbour Landscape Solutions website paperwork is kept to a minimum. Invoices and reciepts will be emailed to you, the choice to print of save is then in your control. Our website updates accounting systems so that we don't need to print anything out either.

Records of telephone orders are retained digitally rather than printed.

Stone and Paving Stock Holding

To minimise frequency of distribution a stock holding of a selected range of stone and porcelain paving is in place. This enables both a national and local source of paving to be immediately available for our clients to either collect themselves or have sent directly to a project. This stock holding is particularly useful for paving from further afield.


The Arbour Landscape Solutions team are all horticulturists at heart. We love landscapes and gardens and the benefits they bring to the environment and to the health and wellbeing of people.

We supply a huge range of plants, wildflower see, turf and green roofing components to enable the specification of intellegent plants into each and every location. We believe in incorporating plants which boost biodiversity, support pollinators and create healthy ecosystems.

What is Our Mission?

It is our mission to bring the best landscaping materials and associated products to the landscaping industry to enable professional landscaping and project installations. We offer an unrivalled level of customer service to reassure our clients of consistency and reliability. We will always endeavour to seek out the most ethically created products available to the industry.

Find out more about our MD Richard Bickler and what drives the man behind Arbour Landscape Solutions