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Arbour Landscape Solutions Environmental Policy

The Landscaping community is one of the best placed industries to help improve our environment and the whole team at ALS is here to help you as well as doing our bit.

Ethically Sourced Products

Every single one of the products on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website (and all of the ones available offline) has been assessed by The Landscape Industry Specialist himself. Decisions are based on:-

  • Country of origin
  • Sustainable production/growing methods
  • Health and appearance of plants, trees and hedges
  • Quality and sustainability of constituents
  • Packaging
  • Method of Transport
  • Priced so that customer’s businesses can be sustainable too

Whenever possible, products will be made or grown in the UK. The ALS team are very patriotic and aim to support British business in every way possible. Not just for economic reasons either. When suppliers are on the same island as end users the carbon footprint is lower and should you need technical support there’ll be somebody relatively nearby to help.

Cheaper plants and seeds so that you can afford to use more of them

Our pricing policy on all products is to keep costs as low as possible without compromising quality or service.
This is never more important that with our extensive range of trees, plants, seeds and hedging. The world needs more plants to offset the damage being done by human activity. We want to remove some of the barriers to planting. Starting with costs. That way you CAN plant a couple of extra trees,  sow a wildflower meadow or create a living roof.

Dropping our Carbon Footprint

Buying from the UK whenever possible is one way to minimise our carbon footprint. Our British made products travel fewer miles to reach you and therefore need less fuel. The majority of our goods are transported via a pallet network system which is by far the most fuel-efficient way of distribution.
As a business we also aim to encourage lower energy usage. My own office uses energy efficient lighting and heating. And at your end, there’s no need to burn hours-worth of lighting whilst searching for products. Use our website for your research – everything is in one place and fast and easy to find. The search facility is a doddle to use and you can place orders with one click. You’ll be able to turn the office lights off in double quick time!
Closer to home….literally…my team are all self-employed and work from their respective homes. We communicate with Whatsapp so that nobody needs to drive to work.

Paperless systems

When you order through the Arbour Landscape Solutions website paperwork is kept to a minimum. All of your invoices and receipts will be emailed to you – it’s up to you whether you save them digitally or print them out.
At our end, the website updates our accounting systems so that we don’t need to print anything out either. Ditto for telephone orders – we keep digital notes rather than write on scraps of paper.

Meet our MD

Find out more about our MD Richard Bickler and what drives the man behind Arbour Landscape Solutions