Landscaping Soils and Composts**

Professional garden designers and landscapers certainly know which soils will optimise their designs and installations. We offer a range of Soils and Composts which can be sent directly to your project in bags or in bulk, ready for you to use.

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Of all the landscaping materials that go into a project, it’s the plants that bring a garden makeover to life. Without soil there’d be no plants so Arbour Landscape Solutions have compiled a range of Soils and Composts to suit every project and every plant.

Whether you are planting trees, filling pots and planters or laying turf, you’ll find all the soils you need in this part of our website.

Soils For Turfing And General Landscaping

You’ll need a nutrient rich soil with plenty of body in it to encourage those roots to grow.  May we recommend our BS3382 Topsoil? It’s available in Bulk Bags or as Loose Loads. All of the soils ordered online from Arbour Landscape Solutions are free from contaminants and safe to use in any circumstances.

To Enrich Existing Soil

Sometimes you just don’t need (or want!) to remove the soil on site and replace it. Instead, you could dig in some  Mushroom Compost or Multi Purpose Compost to add body and improve existing soil.

Any of these also make great mulches to protect plants against weed infestation and soil moisture loss.

For Filling Raised Beds

Try our Topsoil for Fruit And Veg Growing - it’s enriched with natural manure to help maximise yields.

Alternatively, for a more cost effective solution, our Premium Planting Soil will do a great job. 

Specialist Growing Materials

For raising seedlings and young plants, or for plants with specific needs, we're very happy to help you source the specialist growing materials that you need.

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