Lawn and Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Turf and Lawn Turf.  Such wonderful natural products, offering a fast and cost effective way to boost the environmental benefits of your landscaping scheme.  All grown in the UK and available for speedy delivery. Ready to buy turf online?  

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Imagine a lush green velvety lawn as the finishing touch to your landscaping project. Or how about bringing the wildlife flocking to your garden with a biodiverse wildflower area.  Arbour Landscape Solutions has the ideal product range to help you achieve that.

Buy Turf Online

The Arbour Landscape Solutions website makes it easy and cost effective for landscapers and garden designers to buy turf online. Freshly harvested turf is normally delivered within 1-2 working days (check individual products for details). And of course, you'll find that our prices are very competitive...especially considering the quality of the products.

Click here to buy lawn turf online

For larger quantities of lawn turf (over 300m2) please click here to order turf online

Natural Lawn Turf.

Grown on two sites in the UK, our Natural Lawn Turf will be delivered to you from the closest nursery, thus keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum. AND delivering fresher turf.

This particular turf is an all purpose, amenity turf suitable for most general landscaping projects. It looks good, and its sensibly priced. Which is usually exactly what you need.

If, however, you need a Shade Tolerant Turf, or a Fine Turf, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have many contacts in the turf industry and can source precisely what you need at the right price.

Click HERE to send us an email.

Wildflower Turf.

Quicker and easier to establish than a seeded wildflower area, our wildflower turf comes in several different varieties. Choose the type that best suits your situation. 

Need help? Angela is our resident wildflower enthusiast, Click HERE to send her an email.

Large quantities of Bespoke Grown Wildflower Turf can also be supplied - but you need to give us at least 6-9 months notice so that the nursery can make provision.  Planning a show garden or working on an exclusive project. Click HERE to let us know what you need.

Growing A Wildflower Area From Seed.

If you like a challenge, have very patient clients, and you want to keep costs down, you could sow wildflower seed instead of installing wildflower turf.  There are 18 different seed mixes to choose from on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website. Click HERE to discover more

As always, if you need any help specifying or ordering lawn turf and wildflower turf, our team is on hand to help. Click HERE for our contact details.