Soakaway Crates

Sensibly priced Polystorm Crates made from 90% recycled products. Sort out on-site drainage whilst being kind to the environment with these robust soakaway crates.


When you need to provide professional drainage solutions as part of a landscaping project, you’ll likely need to create a soakaway.  Polystorm Soakaway Crates are a neat and efficient way of managing excess water. Better than that, they are quick, easy and cost effective to install.

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we offer robust attenuation crates with strong environmental credentials. These polystorm crates are made with 95% recycled materials and have a life expectancy of over 6 decades. At the end of their useful life, they are 100% recyclable.

The more polystorm crates you order from Arbour Landscape Solutions - the more money you save. Our prices include delivery and we can, of course, get a more cost effective rate for full loads than for single crates. 

Drainage Solutions From Arbour Landscape Solutions

Soakaway crates are of course invisible to the naked eye once your landscaping scheme is complete. However, some aspects of your drainage system will always be visible - in fact they need to be an intrinsic part of the garden design.

On the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, you’ll find a range of very attractive Slot Drains and Threshold Drains that cannot fail to complement your garden design. 
Click HERE To View Our Drainage Solutions. 

You may also need manhole covers - lets face it, few projects are free from utilities.  Check out our collection of Recessed Manhole Covers. Available in various sizes, suitable for pavers or slabs. 
For lawns, our Grass Topped Manhole Covers are just the thing.  And for circular drains, we offer a Square To Round Solution.

Need Help Specifying Or Procuring Drainage Materials?

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