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Roof Garden in Southampton

Completed in less than 3 weeks during November 2019, this commercial roof garden on the 5th floor of the John Lewis Store in Southampton is a landscaping triumph. Design was by Adam Knibb Architects. 
Arbour Landscape Solutions were delighted to collaborate with Shaun Beale from John Lewis Partners and Ben Browning from Unique Projects Devon to provide landscaping materials.

Working in some of the most demanding and harshest conditions, the team turned an uninspiring attempt at a garden into an inviting and relaxing open space.

Considering the deadlines, the fact that EVERYTHING needed to be either craned onto site or carried through the store and that it was dark by 4pm every afternoon, this is nothing but a remarkable achievement.

Enjoy this video and then click here to read the full case study.

Instant Hedge Installation in Hertfordshire

This urban front garden in Welwyn Garden City posed a problem for ace landscaper Craig McGibbon. The existing mature hedge had been damaged and needed replacing ASAP.  The householders were keen to preserve not only their privacy, but also the integrity of the whole neighbourhood. Waiting for new hedge plants to establish simply wasn't an option. Craig opted to use instant hedging solutions from your Landscape Industry Specialist. His clients especially liked the idea that they are grown in the UK and so have a lovely low carbon footprint with no risk of importing pests and diseases.

To match the remaining hedges they chose 2 of the many species available. Yew and Common Laurel.

Here's Craig and Co unloading and installing the hedges and offering some practical tips on handling this product. As you can see, mechanical lifting gear is a must. If you don't have your own forklift available, talk to Richard Bickler - he can help you with cost-effective machinery hire.


More information about Instant Hedging Solutions

Planting Scheme in Buckinghamshire

I always think that no matter how sophisticated the hard landscaping and the layout, it's the plants that really bring a garden to life. This project by the side of the River Thames in rural Buckinghamshire involved around 5,000 herbaceous perennials as well as wildflower seed and turf. Dave Bennett of Greenhaven Landscapes was on a tight deadline and had very little time for sourcing plants, seeds and wildflower turf and arranging deliveries. Because large quantities were needed, his local nursery was unable to supply.

Richard from Arbour Landscape Solutions Ltd very quickly spoke to industry contacts and soon located good stocks of healthy plants. Delivery was arranged and, as per usual for the Landscape Industry Specialist, arrived on the required date and time.

We visited the site a few weeks later and I think you'll agree that the Greenhaven Landscapes team should be immensly proud of their work.


More about the products used in this project

Trees and plants
Seeds and Seeding
Lawn turf and Wildflower turf

Rustic Style Garden in Maida Vale, London

George from Millscape gives us a tour of one of his recent projects. 

The challenge of this particular project was making the new garden look as though it is the same age as the house. No problem for George, he chose to use reclaimed bricks for instant maturity.

To improve privacy, George specified pleached photinia trees. These don't detract from the wall in any way, in fact the red hues in the foliage blend beautifully with the brickwork.

Reclaimed bricks and specialist trees are of course not widely available, so to save himself many hours worth of phone calls, internet searches and negotiating, George asked Arbour Landscape Solutions Ltd to help him source the products he needed. We love what he's done with them. What do you think?