Wienerberger Clay Brick Pavers

A collection of Clay Pavers from Wienerberger in a rich array of earthy colours. These beauties are creating using 100% natural constituents and traditional methods. They make an excellent alternative to natural stone.

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Clay Brick Pavers are created by shaping natural clay into blocks and then firing them in a kiln at incredibly high temperatures. The resulting landscaping materials are incredibly resilient and rather beautiful.  

The earthy tones lend a time-honoured look and feel to your landscaping projects. Gardens where Clay Pavers are installed seem to feel as though they have always been there. There’s a nod to traditional landscaping where Clay Pavers were used to edge pathways and delineate beds and borders.

The Arbour Landscape Solutions Team love these Clay Pavers for their amazing colour range and for their versatility. Take these Alfaton Clay Pavers as an example, what other landscaping surfaces have such rich colour hues? We’re talking about nut browns, rich ruby reds and an unsurpassed warmth. Perfect for pathways, courtyard gardens or even as an edging for a contemporary patio. 

Or what about the gentle brown/purple tones of Ares Clay Pavers ? It may be an unusual colour but it certainly suits a modern driveway, looks great with foliage and makes light work of disguising spills and stains.

How Many Clay Pavers To Buy 

Clay pavers come in different sizes so be sure to check the product description before placing your order. Pavers in the Arbour Landscape Solutions range measure 200mm long by 50mm wide and 65mm deep when laid on edge. Lay them “flat” and they’re still 200mm long but now they are 65mm wide and 50mm deep.

Laid on edge, you need approximately 100 pavers per square metre.

Laid “flat” you will need 77 per square metre - assuming they are butt jointed.

Need Samples?

Our sampling system allows you to really appreciate the colours and the quality of these beautiful Clay Pavers. Simply log in to the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, navigate to the products you are interested in and then hit the “request samples” button. We will despatch your free samples the very next working day.