Bespoke Landscaping Products

When your landscaping project needs something unique - perhaps in terms of design, size or materials, you can trust your Landscape Industry Specialists to source them on your behalf. Our team is in touch with a number of gifted crafts people from different disciplines - we know exactly who is the best person/company to create your bespoke landscaping products within your timeframe.

Please get in touch and let us know what you need help with.


Bespoke Landscaping Products

Every landscaping project is, of course unique. But for a truly distinctive garden, one needs truly bespoke products.

No more using standard, off-the-peg products – with Arbour Landscape Solutions Bespoke landscaping products, the only constraint on your garden design is your imagination.

Whether you are looking for an exceptionally beautiful steel structure that has been created especially for you, individually honed stone steps, specially made copings or carefully crafted timber. The Arbour Landscape Solutions Team will do all of the legwork to ensure that you receive the bespoke products you need, on time and on budget.

Your job is simply to let us have a clear specification of your needs. We will keep in touch with you at every step of the way. You will receive samples and regular updates on your products’ journey into being. If there’s an opportunity to do so (and if it’s appropriate) we can even arrange a site visit so that you can meet the artisans who are bringing your idea to life.

Recent Bespoke Landscaping Products Sourced by Arbour Landscape Solutions

  • Limestone walling and slate coping stones for a project in Hampshire.
  • Sandstone pool surround.
  • Bespoke pergola.
  • Hand-picked olive trees from a health-checked Italian nursery.
  • Corten steel garden screening laser cut to bespoke design.

Sustainable Sourcing

One of the benefits of bespoke landscaping products is that you, the customer has full control over the provenance. At Arbour Landscape Solutions we are very keen to promote sustainable sourcing. The artisans who create products for our customers are carefully selected for their environmental ethics, safe practise and, wherever possible, contribution to the UK economy. In other words, we prefer to buy British when we can.

If we need to source products from abroad, then our MD will personally inspect the site to satisfy himself that everyone who works there is treated fairly and kept safe.

How Can We Help You?

The Arbour Landscape Solutions website is crammed full to the rafters with every type of landscaping product you can imagine. However, if you need something rather special, then our bespoke sourcing service is here for you.

Simply get in touch for an informal chat in the first instance. Once you have an exact specification, send it to us along with an idea of your delivery deadlines. Richard and his team will start work straight away, contacting suppliers and artisans, organising samples and double-checking details.

While you are working on the rest of your landscaping project, we’ll be busy ensuring that your bespoke made materials will exceed your customers’ expectations in every single way.

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