Meadowscape Pro Pre-Seeded Growing Medium

What could be easier than creating a glorious floral display by spreading Meadowscape Pro pre-seeded growing medium from our colleagues at Wildflower Turf Ltd? Minimal ground preparation needed and the results are awesome.

Meadowscape Pro from James Hewetson-Brown on Vimeo.

Meadowscape ProTM pre-seeded growing medium is the perfect product for creating cost-effective wildflower areas that simply overflow with the “wow” factor.

Arbour Landscape Solutions, in partnership with Wildflower Turf Ltd offer five varieties of Meadowscape Pro TM - each with its own personality.

Why Choose Meadowscape Pro?

Preparing the soil for wildflower seeds is incredibly easy when you choose Meadowscape ProTM.  All you have to do is clear the site of vegetation. There is no need to disturb the soil - in fact your wildflower area will be better if you don’t!

Meadowscape ProTM saves you time and can be applied by almost anyone - you don’t need to be green fingered to cultivate a richly biodiverse area.

How to use Meadowscape ProTM

First remove all existing vegetation. A systemic weedkiller will do an excellent job of ridding the area of perennial weeds. However, if you would rather avoid herbicides, then please be sure to remove every single part of the weed - including the roots.

Spread a layer of Meadowscape ProTM across the whole area. Aim for a depth of 2.5cm.  This will suppress growth of any annual weed seeds in the existing soil and give the right amount of growing medium for your wildflower seeds to germinate and thrive.

Keep the area well watered until seedlings are well established.

Ongoing management may vary slightly according to the type of Meadowscape ProTM you have chosen.  

  • Perennial Seed Mixes with long swards: mow once a year (after flowering) and remove the clippings. 
  • Species Rich Lawn: mow 2 -3 times per year - again, removing the clippings each time.
  • Annual Flowering Mixes: mow and remove clippings at the end of the season and re-seed for the following year.

For Help And Advice

The Arbour Landscape Solutions Team are here to advise you at every step of the way.  Whether you need help deciding which Meadowscape ProTM mix is best for your project, or you have questions about establishment and maintenance. get in touch with the team today.