Arbour Eco Range

The Arbour Eco range

Has been curated to optimise product categories for our customers.  If you are keen to support biodiversity, eco-systems and the environment then this range will meet your requirements.  Many customers are just as keen as landscapers to do their bit for the environment and seek to source only truly ethical and environmentally sound products which do not impact negatively on nature.

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Our very nature as keen horticulturalists ourselves is to do the best for the planet and our industry is very well placed to really take a stand on what and where we source products from.  Many commercial customers now have stringent rules surrounding their supply chain to support their ESG and CSR targets.  Our Eco range supports this need and helps our clients to make quick easy and reliable product selection within this parameter.

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What Is In The Range?

Wildflower Seed.

With 18 varieties of Wildflower Seed on offer, Arbour Landscape Solutions can provide wildflower seed for all of your projects to support wildlife and to suit every environment.

Wildflower Turf

For speedy establishment of a biodiverse sward, look no further than the range of Wildflower Turf available to order online from our website.  Or why not try Meadowscape Pro to save yourself time and money? It's a mix of specially formulated growing medium impregnated with seed. Just spread it onto weed free surface and watch it grow. 

UK Grown Instant Hedging

Sticking with the theme of plants and wildlife habitat, our UK Grown Instant Hedging has a lot to offer. Low carbon footprint, instant habitat and all of that wonderful pollution busting foliage. Perfect.

Reclaimed Stone Products

Reduce, re-use, repair, recycle. Our large stock of Reclaimed Natural Stone Pavers, Setts and Copings allows you to "do your bit" for the environment whilst adding character to the gardens you design and build. Talk To Us Today about the possibilities for creating with reclaimed landscaping products.

Browse our range of eco friendly landscaping materials, and if you have any suggestions for products you'd like us to source for you - or if you can't find what you need - Get In Touch With The Team Right HERE.

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