Family Garden in Hertfordshire

Project Type: Domestic Garden
Stunningly beautiful garden designed and built for the Baker family by Craig McGibbon.
A family garden with something for everyone

Having just built a new extension to their home, the Baker family wanted to turn the uninspiring patch of grass behind the house into a family garden.
The family had a comprehensive wish list, which included a large lawn, an outdoor kitchen, entertainment space, childrens' play area (with a sunken trampoline), hammocks, a water feature, a shed, swings, hammocks and of course lots of plants.

Lots of features and not much space

This is a moderately sized, L-shaped garden that could easily become overwhelmed with features and start to look cluttered.
Craig's eye for design however, soon found a very acceptable solution.

Diagonal design

Craig's solution to the problem of limited space was to introduce a diagonal design. By using a series of triangular spaces, he managed to fit everything in whilst invoking a feeling of space, light and serenity.
The shed is tucked away into the wide corridor between the front and back gardens. That way it doesn't use valuable space in the garden.
Douglas fir arches provide structure and are the ideal place to hang hammocks on a sunny day. These are echoed by a falling raindrops water feature.
Each triangle is crammed with colourful and scented plants which make the whole garden exciting all year round.