What Is Slurry Primer?

Slurry Primer is one product that sorts the professional landscapers from the amateurs. It’s a simple to apply product that ensures a really strong bond between pavers and the bedding mortar beneath them.  It’s also useful for wall copings, pier caps and even step treads. Using slurry primer is essential if you work is to comply with BS 7553

When you use a good quality slurry primer, you (and your clients) can be confident that their hard landscaping surface will stay put for at least their lifetime.  For you, that means no customer complaints and no slurs on your professional reputation.

In the days of yore, paving slabs were often substantially heavy pieces of natural stone whose sheer weight, added to the fact that they were rarely travelled on by anything heavier than a horse, helped to keep them in place.  Installation techniques from decades ago, were necessarily different to modern methods. And for good reason.

An old fashioned wet mortar bed works because it is partially absorbed by porous pavers and then, when it eventually dries, creates a seal between the two layers.  A bit like the sauce on one of Mrs Lambert’s steamed treacle puddings.

Modern pavers are a different beast altogether. They are relatively lighter, far less porous, and receive very different types and volumes of traffic to their ancestors. Which means that they need a very different installation technique. 

Slurry Primer is a polymer based product that creates a bond between low-porous slabs and the base layer beneath them.

Slurry Primer FAQ’s

How To Use Slurry Primer

The Ultrascape Pro Slurry Primer that you’ll find on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website couldn’t be simpler to use. All you need to do is empty the bag into a large bucket, mix it with water and then start applying the primer.

  • Prepare the ground by removing any loose dust and dirt and then painting on a layer of slurry primer.
  • Add a thin layer of Ultrascape Pro Bed bedding mortar to enable you to adjust levels.
  • Paint the back of your paving element with Ultrascape Pro Slurry Primer.
  • Lay your slab in the normal way.

How Much Slurry Primer Do I need?

A 20Kg bag of slurry primer is enough to cover approximately 15 square metres of paving

How Long Does Slurry Primer Take To Dry?

In all but the coldest of temperatures, your surface can receive foot traffic after 24 hours and vehicular traffic after 48 hours

Where To Buy The Best Slurry Primers

For good quality slurry primers at sensible prices, visit the Arbour Landscape Solutions website.

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