Arbour Landscape Solutions Are Proud To Be Ultrascape Flowpoint Suppliers To The Landscaping Trade

If you are planning on using any of the Instarmac Flowpoint Products in your next landscaping project, you are not alone. Of all the 5,000 + landscaping materials for sale on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website, flowpoint grout is one of the most popular products. And for good reason.

  • Reliable - works every time.
  • Provides a seamless surface.
  • Suitable for all types of paving.
  • Easy to mix - just add water.
  • Simple application that’s easy on your knees.
  • Use for joints as small as 3mm.
  • Can be used in damp weather.
  • Properly stored it has a shelf life of around 8 months - save the excess and use it on your next project!
  • Rapid setting - can take foot traffic after 1 hour and vehicular traffic after 4 hours.
  • Can be used in temperatures as low as 2 degrees centigrade.
  • Conforms to BS 7533.
  • Supplied in paper bags.

Using Flowpoint Products

Flowpoint grout couldn’t be easier to use.  Simply mix the dry powder with the amount of water stated on the packaging and apply to the joints between your pavers.  If have any questions  or you need technical advice, our team is on hand to help. MD Richard Bickler is an experienced landscaper who has used Flowpoint products many times in the past.

  1. Clean the paver surfaces and joints so that they are free from debris.
  2. Lightly spray the joints and surfaces with water to ensure they are damp.
  3. Add 4.25 litres of water to a large bucket and then add in the flowpoint formula.
  4. Mix for 3 - 5 minutes with a force action mixer or a paddle mixer. The mixture must be smooth and free from lumps.
  5. Apply the mix immediately, carefully forcing Flowpoint into the joints using a rubber squeegee or a sponge machine.  (On warm days Flowpoint can set in a little as 15 minutes, so don’t delay)
  6. Move the slurry grout around the paved surface to top up any joints where the mortar has sunk.
  7. Using a rubber squeegee, remove as much Flowpoint as possible from the surface of the slabs.  You can use a sponge machine or a wet brush to remove any grout that has hardened on the surface
  8. Once the mortar is dry (approximately 30 minutes) thoroughly clean your slabs to remove any spots of mortar before they can stain the surface.

Ordering Flowpoint Products

Visit the Arbour Landscape Solutions website to see the full range of Utrascape Flowpoint products including Flowpoint Smooth, Flowpoint Rapid Set, Ultrascape Eco Bed and Ultrascape Pro Prime

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Our Promise To You

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