Self Binding Gravels and Chippings

Need landscaping aggregates? Look no further. Our comprehensive range of gravel and chippings offers everything you need from Self Binding Gravel to Pea Shingle.

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Gravel and chippings are frequently used as finishing touches on a landscaping project. Perhaps to bridge the gap between paving and a retaining wall. To help with drainage or to soften a pond surround.

At Arbour Landscape Solutions, we stock a wide range of decorative chippings as well as horticultural grit and of course, the cost effective and very practical, self binding gravel.

Self Binding Gravel.

Self Binding, or Self Binda Gravel is available in a range of attractive colours.  Take a look at our Steel Grey Self Binda Gravel…perfect for contemporary garden designs, it works well alongside natural stone or porcelain paving. 

Or maybe you prefer a warmer colour, like Sunset Red or Summer Gold.  Enigmatic names that are only matched by the beauty of the product.

The beauty of self binding gravel is that it’s incredibly quick and easy to install. And cost effective. So if you are building a woodland walkway or a cycle path, you can get the job done in record-quick time.

Use in combination with our Metal Edging for a high quality finish to your work.