Consultancy Service

At Arbour Landscape Solutions we believe gardens should be built to the best possible standards and to last the test of time. Our landscaping consultant Richard Bickler has over 25 years practical garden design and landscaping experience. These services are open to both clients and contractors. Richard can advise in any situation according to your needs. He has always been a great problem solver, and throughout his career has come across a wide variety of issues which can arise when landscaping a garden. He also has a talent for finding the best solution and resolving a problem with minimal stress for everyone involved.

Richard is happy to consult at any stage of a project to provide advice and expertise to make sure you are on the right path. At any point from the planning stage to having contractors on-site. If you have builders completing the work then we can point you in the right direction and help the workmen to achieve the high standards of work that is Richard’s speciality. He has also often been called in by other landscapers looking for advice during a landscaping build as a consultant and expert.

Unfortunately some projects do go wrong and there can be unforeseen circumstances that get in the way. As a member of the Professional Garden Consultants Association (MPGCA) Richard and his associates within the PGCA also can provide an impartial opinion on any work that has already been done, and if it has been carried out to the correct standards. They can also advise on how best to remedy any issues identified.

If you need any help trying to achieve the best possibly results from your project, we recommend you contact us as early in the planning stage to get the best results. Richard will be happy to advise you which is the best direction to go in and stay within budget. Please contact us today for more information.