London Solid Composite Decking from Arbour Landscape Solutions being installed in a garden in Mill Hill

"Oxford" Solid Composite Decking from Arbour Landscape Solutions being used for a project in Mill Hill, London.

What Is Solid Composite Decking?

Composite decking is one of the 20th century’s greatest innovations in landscaping materials. It’s a carefully formulated mixture of  recycled hardwood and a synthetic binder.  In other words rather than sending hardwood offcuts to landfill, they are turned into an incredibly useful material.

That clever mix of components ensures that decking, fencing or garden furniture made from composite materials has a wealth of properties that make it perfect for modern living.

  • Eco Friendly - uses recycled materials and does not need preservatives to extend its lifespan
  • UV Stable - will not fade when exposed to sunlight
  • Durable - incredibly resistant to wear and tear
  • Stain Resistant - non absorbent therefore repels almost any  substances that are likely to stain the surface
  • Slip Resistant - carefully manufactured to ensure a slip resistant surface
  • Rot Proof - making solid composite decking ideal for waterside applications
  • Available in a range of colours and finishes - giving you plenty of design options

Solid composite decking offers plenty of garden design options. From wood-effect boards that really do look like natural timber, to decking boards that celebrate the innovative processes that made them.


Bath Solid Composite Decking being installed by a landscaper

Which Is Better? Hollow Or Solid Composite Decking?

Composite decking boards come in two formats.  From the outside you probably wouldn’t know the difference between them. However solid composite decking boards are a lot more substantial and carry a longer warranty than hollow composite decking.  

Working to a tight budget? hollow boards are generally cost less than their solid counterparts, but you will probably find yourself replacing them much sooner.  If you aim to build a garden that will last for decades, it’s better to ‘bite the bullet’ and specify solid composite decking.

UK Standards For Composite Decking

No matter what material you choose to build a deck with, it must comply to a minimum set of standards.  The standards are there to ensure that your deck is safe, will last for at least 15 years, and won’t collapse under the weight of furniture and people.

Download the UK standards for decking from here

How To Fit Solid Composite Decking

To install solid composite decking so that it lasts a lifetime, it needs to be carefully fitted.

Click here to download the full installation instructions from our website.   


Where To Buy Solid Composite Decking Online


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