Landscaping Materials For Property Developers

Property Developers. Do you ever feel as though you have a limited choice of exterior finishes and landscaping materials? 

Does it seem as though every home you build has an indentikit garden? 

Are you under pressure from planners to improve biodiversity net gain on your sites?

Would you like to add value to your properties by providing homebuyers with a home AND garden that’s ready to move into? 

Arbour Landscape Solutions may be the answer to your prayers.  We have an enormous range of landscaping materials for property developers. And we have the expertise to offer free technical and installation advice to your teams. Let’s look at the exterior design and build process from the very beginning.

Garden Design and Planting Plans

It’s well worth investing in a professionally created garden design for each of your properties. In the same way as you would design a kitchen or a bathroom, a garden layout design allows you to make best use of the space available to you.  Decide where to site the patio so that it catches the evening sun, position seating areas where there is greatest privacy, screen utilities from view and impress buyers with a ready-made lifestyle garden.

Our colleagues at My Garden Design offer a unique service.  You provide garden measurements and survey details along with a garden design brief.  The team at My Garden Design creates a stylish but buildable layout plan at trade price and emails it back to you within 4 weeks.  You are then responsible for procuring the landscaping materials and project managing the landscaping.  It’s quick, it’s easy and the results are awesome.

My Garden Design can also create planting plans to help you maximise biodiversity in private gardens and public open spaces.

Visit the MGD website to discover more

Instant beech hedging ideal landscaping material for property developers

Instant hedging solutions are proving popular with property developers.  They provide immediate privacy, wildlife habitat and a feeling of maturity

Eco Friendly Landscaping Materials

Within the enormous array of landscaping tools and materials on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website you’ll find three helpful categories designed to speed up your search.  

The Arbour Eco Collection - highlights landscaping materials with a lower carbon footprint and/or more sustainable production methods.  Choose from this range if you wish to aim towards carbon neutral building projects.

The Arbour UK Made Collection.  All of the materials in this collection have either been made or grown in the UK.   Sandstone paving and setts, grouts, turf, drainage channels, composite decking, green roofing materials and of course wildflowers. This is a really comprehensive range of landscaping materials for property developers who want to offer a proper British garden.

Arbour Bespoke Collection.  For high-end developments where you need something just a little bit better.  Carefully crafted stone, glass balustrades made to size, topiary trees, parasol trees, boulders, planters and all of those details that just ooze with understated luxury.

Of course, if you’d prefer, our team can help you to select the materials you need.  Just tell us about the brief and one of our experts will suggest suitable products for you.

Exterior Cladding And Finishing

Vertical surfaces can be completely transformed using these landscaping materials for property developers.

XTech porcelain cladding for smooth, stylish walls. Perfect for decorating retaining walls, garage walls, sunken gardens and outdoor kitchens.

Paddlestones. Trending right now are exterior walls with a paddlestone cladding.  These are especially effective when you need a property to reflect its surroundings.  Are they sophisticated or are they rustic? You decide.  Take a look at this case study featuring paddlestone clad retaining walls in a mediterranean themed garden.

Split Faced Stone cladding.  Easy to install and full of character.  These add texture and colour without being intrusive.  Ideal for outdoor kitchen areas and for water features.

XTech cool steel porcelain cladding applied to a planter

XTech porcelain cladding applied to an outdoor planter 

new build back garden created using porcelain paving from Arbour Landscape Solutions

Newbuild garden with porcelain paving from the extensive range at Arbour Landscape Solutions

Hard Landscaping And Paved Areas

There are literally hundreds of different materials on the Arbour Landscape Solutions website that are suitable for hard landscaping.  Many of them are held in stock at our yard in Central England. Meaning that they can be despatched at a moment’s notice.  

Our MD ran a successful landscaping company for many years and he understands how vitally important it is that materials arrive at the right time.  A delay in a delivery of (for example) porcelain pavers can have an enormous impact on the finish date for a project. When you have buyers poised to move in, that’s not just poor PR, it could affect your cash flow too. Staff will be able to advise you on which products are in stock and we’ll be able to act quickly to ensure they arrive exactly when and where you need them.

Explore our range of hard landscaping materials for property developers which includes natural stone paving, porcelain paving, decking, aggregates, threshold drains and soil stabilisation grids. 

Soft Landscaping And Planting

Trees, plants, living lawns and wildflower areas all lend an air of maturity to a new development. And have you noticed that the ‘greener’ an area is, the higher the property prices seem to be? That’s no coincidence, people feel a need to live close to nature. It’s great for wellbeing and even better for the environment.

As a developer, your main focus with planting may well be to meet planning regulations for biodiversity net gain. And we can certainly help you with that.  You’ll find lawn turf and wildflower turf on our website ready for you to order online. Alongside all of the soils, mulches and bulk loose materials you will need for planting and installation.

The team at Arbour Landscape Solutions also offers a FREE plant sourcing service.  Just send us your bill of quantities and we’ll get back to you with a price and estimated delivery date within two working days.  There’s no cost for this service and it will save you many hours of research.  Naturally, all plants will have the necessary provenance and passports.

Landscape Materials Quoting Service

It takes a lot of different materials to build a beautiful garden.  The Arbour Landscape Solutions website has several inbuilt tools to help make pricing easier for you.

Build and save a quote.  If you want to browse the website and gather prices, add each item of interest into a quote and save it for later.  It’s very easy to add, delete and adjust quantities of the products within a quote so use it as part of your decision making process.

Multi-user quotes.  Add colleagues to your company account so that you can share information and collaborate on quotes.

Upload My Materials List.  Another time saving feature of our website.  Simply upload your bill of quantities in any format and our team will price the materials for you.  Stuck for ideas - let us suggest suitable products for you.  We’re here to make your life easier.

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