Instant Hedging

Instant hedging does exactly what it's name suggests - creates a mature hedge, instantly.  Perfect for garden designers and landscapers who want instant screening and a sense of maturity in their projects.



14 varieties of Instant Hedges are available for landscapers, garden designers, landscape architects and architects to source and incorporate in projects.  A wonderful variety of colour and texture to suit every project. 

Instant hedging is grown at our UK based nursery and prepared in advance for your projects.  Which means speedy delivery, a lower carbon footprint and no risk of importing plant diseases.

Installing an instant hedge couldn't be simpler.  Simply prepare the ground, by digging a trenth, before your hedging is delivered. Use mechanical lifting gear to take your instant hedge straight off the lorry and into the pre-prepared trench. Each section will be labelled to help you plant them in the same order as they grew in the field. Backfill the trench with good quality topsoil or a soil/compost mix.  Then keep watered until the plants are well established (we suggest installing an irrigation system).

On our plant nursery, these instant hedges are grown in long rows with the roots contained by recyclable geotextile membranes. That means minimal root disturbance during the harvesting and transportation process, which in turn leads to quicker, healthier establishment once the plants are on site.

Each section of instant  hedging will be numbered when it arrives on site so that you can replant it in the same order as it grew on the field. The result? A seamless finish that looks as though the hedge has always been there.

What Is In The Range?

A comprehensive variety of hedging species from Mixed Native hedging for maximum wildlife benefit to that English Country Garden favourite - Yew.

Each species is available in a range of heights. Choose from standard height or ask us about bespoke trimmed hedges to suit your project to perfection.