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Arbour Instant Hedging Solutions lend a sense of maturity to the most recent of landscaping projects.

Available in a wide range of species and heights, these hedges have been propagated and nurtured in the UK.

Neatly trimmed, in robust health and with dense foliage, I truly believe that these are the best quality instant hedges available right now. All of our instant hedges are cultivated in a specially formulated growing medium. The growing process is geared towards being able to harvest and transport plants with minimal disturbance to the roots. This ensures rapid establishment.

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Delivered in lengths of up to 2.4 metres by heights  of 1.2m/1.5m/1.8m by 50/60cm widths. We courier these plants directly from the farm to your site. There’s no sitting in a holding nursery. These plants will be normally delivered within 24 hours of harvesting. Sites outside of mainland UK may take a little longer in transit but the welfare and freshness of the plants will always be at the forefront of our minds.

Artic loads carry around 60 linear metres.
18 ton rigid loads carry around 35 linear metres.
7.5 ton rigid loads carry around 25 linear metres.
Small Luton vans carry around 12 linear metres.

You will need mechanical lifting gear and 3 soft strops per 2.4m section to offload and handle instant hedging.

All hedging is UK grown in exceptionally well managed fields.

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