Unique Custom Made Landscaping Materials

Arbour Landscape Solutions offer a personalised sourcing service for all of your custom made landscaping materials. We work with landscapers, landscape architects, garden designers & self-builders to ensure that your procurement is as simple and as seamless as possible.
For you, that means no more challenging phone calls to determine price and availability. It means that you talk to one person about specifications, samples, quality, prices, order lead times and delivery details.
We Are The Landscape Materials Supply Specialists.

bespoke limestone pavers being given a flamed finish

bespoke fire pit copings being fashioned in the workshop from uk sourced slate

What Bespoke Landscaping Products Are Available From Arbour Landscape Solutions?

Our MD, Richard Bickler is, without a doubt, one of the top landscape industry specialists in the UK. He has vast experience and a huge network of artisan craftspeople, growers, and nurserymen. Whatever landscaping products you need, he can source for you.

As an ex-landscaper, Richard understands the importance of quality, functionality and timely deliveries. Our bespoke landscaping products will not only meet your needs, they will exceed expectations.

Custom Made Natural Stone Products

Slabs, steps, copings, balustrades, sculpture, aggregate, paddle-stones and more. All produced to your exacting specifications and delivered on time and on budget.

Richard personally visits quarries all around the world to assess the quality of their products and the sustainability of their business. When you buy bespoke natural stone products from Arbour Landscape Solutions you can be confident that production staff are well treated and the environment is respected during the harvesting and cutting processes.

Want to inspect the quarry for yourself? No problem. Provided that a visit is practical, we are happy to show you the provenance of your products

Bespoke Trees, Plants, And Seed Mixes

large cloud topiary tree being lifted into bespoke pot

Planting is important and adds extra layers of “wow factor” to a landscaping project. Do you need super-special specimen plants? Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll find the plant or tree that you dream of.

How about trained trees? Pleached, espalier or multi-stemmed. We know which nurseries they are hiding in and we’ll find them for you.

Sowing a specialist lawn or a wildflower meadow? Pre-blended seed mixes may not be exactly what you need but your landscape industry specialists can help you to create your own seed mix. Need advice? Our experts are happy to help.

Just as you’d expect, all plants and trees sourced by Arbour Landscape Solutions will have plant passports and comply with all current regulations.

Unique Living walls

living wall with variety of plant species

Living walls are on-trend at the moment and quite rightly too. Including a living wall in a garden design or landscaping project will add eons of value. Not only will it be a real talking point, the benefits to the environment are plentiful. How else could you cool a building, insulate it, and improve air quality all at once? There’s no better way to cram a staggering array of plants into a few square metres of ground.

Designing and building a living wall requires a whole new set of engineering skills for landscapers. That’s where your Landscape Industry Specialist can help. We’ll source the support structure, the irrigation system, and suitable plants for you to install – and even help with training and/or finding a contractor.

Click Here For More Info On Green Wall Construction. Or use the links at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Custom Blended Composts and Soils

There is a comprehensive range of soils, mulches, and composts on our website that are ready to order right now. However, if you need a special growing medium – perhaps for a green roof, an environmentally sensitive project, or a very particular planting plan, the ALS team can help.

Email us your specifications and we’ll talk to our specialist soil suppliers to arrange a blend that will meet your needs and can be delivered to you on time.

Reclaimed Landscaping Materials

reclaimed natural stone pavers

There is no doubt in our minds whatsoever that responsible landscaping should be environmentally friendly as well as beautiful. And what can be more eco-friendly than using reclaimed and recycled products?

Reclaimed natural stone has a look and a feel that can never be replicated by brand new products. That timeless quality brings instant maturity to a project. And with reclaimed materials, you can be 100% sure that your garden is unique.
Arbour Landscape Solutions are very happy to help you source reclaimed stone setts, pavers, steps, balustrades, and whatever else your project requires. As with all of our bespoke landscaping products, simply describe what you need and we’ll do the rest.
The Arbour Landscape Solutions team, with Richard Bickler at the helm, is here to help you find unique and bespoke landscaping materials that will take your reputation to the next level.

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