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Overcoming The Challenges Of Buying Plants & Trees

09/11/2021 - Services

This year has seen many supply chain issues with landscaping materials. Not least in the plant and nursery departments. But, just as you’d expect, the Arbour Landscape Solutions team are here to take the pain out of plant sourcing.

Ordering Plants Online

The Arbour Landscape Solutions website is THE place to go when you need to order landscaping materials of any kind. However, in order to ensure that we can give the very best deals and service, some products are only available offline.

Plants are one such product.  We sell hundreds of plants every week - but not via our website.  We feel that plants and trees deserve personal attention from our team.  In order for us to offer you the healthiest, happiest plants with the most timely deliveries, we offer a bespoke ‘offline’ ordering service. Don't worry - it's just as fast and efficient as ordering online - only this way, you can be sure of getting the best possible deals.

row of hydrangea Annabelle plants in bloom with composite fencing behind

new consignment of shrubs delivered to landscaping site

Q: How Do You Normally Source The Plants And Trees That Have Been Specified For Your Project? 

  • Do you take your list and go through nursery stock lists, comparing prices only to find that the list went out of date yesterday and the plants are no longer available? 
  • Head to your local garden centre with your fingers crossed, hoping you’ll find everything you need?
  • Perhaps you phone or email several growers to compare prices and availability?
How Does That Impact On Your Day?

I’m guessing that it

a) Takes A Long Time ?
b) Leaves You Feeling Frustrated ?
c) Results In Several Different Deliveries To Co-Ordinate ?
d) Raises A Series Of Invoices That Need Paying One by One.

Believe it or not, there is a better way - one that frees you up to either work on other aspects of bringing your landscaping projects to life or to spend more time enjoying life.  Read on to discover more.....

A Speedy Solution To Plant Sourcing Challenges

As an ex-landscaper himself, MD Richard Bickler knows just how frustrating and time consuming plant sourcing can be.  Which is why, with the help of our superb website developers and the Arbour Landscape Solutions team, we have implemented the UPLOAD MATERIALS LISTS on our website. You can use it for any or all of the materials you need for a project, but it’s especially beneficial when you are sourcing a diverse palette of plants.

For landscapers and garden designers, our Upload Materials List feature means that plant sourcing can be done in a matter of moments.

There Are Two Stages To Using Upload My List
  1. Register online for a trade account with Arbour Landscape Solutions - it takes 2 minutes!
  2. Access your dashboard on the website, go to the ‘My Lists” tab and upload your planting list…..in any format.  Upload My List accepts excel documents, word documents, pdf’s photographs - pretty much anything.

Our team will contact nurseries on your behalf to find the exact plant palette you have specified.  Less than one working day later, your fully priced planting list will land in your email inbox.  The quote will be valid for a full 30 days, so there’s no immediate rush to place the order.

No Planting Plan? Here’s A Solution

If, like many landscapers, you’re not sure which plant species will best suit your garden layout, style and maintenance requirements - why not invest in a planting plan from My Garden Design?

 This is a relatively new service offered by Paul Baker of Holland Landscapes.  It’s easy to use, cost effective and fast.

Head over to the MGD website to discover more.

close up of flowering heads of brizia media aka quaking grass

How To Order Plants And Trees From Arbour Landscape Solutions

At Arbour Landscape Solutions, we’re here to help you in whatever way we can.  And we’ll process your order in a way that suits you and fits with your business needs.

You can place an order by phone, by calling 0208 953 6177

Email [email protected]

Or send a message via Facebook or WhatsApp

We’ll contact you to discuss your preferred delivery date and your payment options - BACS, Credit Card or Account (terms and conditions apply)

Want to know more?

Please drop us an email to request a call back (and let us know the best time to call). One of the team will get in touch and answer any questions you may have about our plant sourcing service.

Click here to email us - we can’t wait to hear from you.

Learn more about our Upload My List feature