Timber Treatments

Take care of the timber elements of you landscaping products with these high quality Timber Treatments.

Everything from Specialist Cleaners to Colours, Stains, Oils & Sealants to ensure that your work looks amazing no matter what the weather throws at it. Browse our range to find timber treatments for hardwood, softwood, decking, sheds, fences and cladding.

Designed to clean, colour and protect your work, the range of Timber Treatments from Arbour Landscape Solutions is second to none. Competitively priced for Timber Treatments of this quality, we’re absolutely certain that these products can help you show your carpentry skills off to the max.

Natural timber, when it’s alive, is serviced by a network of living tubes, cells and nutrients to keep it in the very best of condition.  When nutrients no longer flow through the phloem and xylem tubes within the structure of the tree, the timber naturally starts to deteriorate. Our timber treatments are designed to stop the rot and bring out the beauty of your carefully constructed timber pergolas, fences, retaining walls and garden buildings.
Each one of the Timber Treatments in our range has a specific function. Whether you need a Timber Cleaner, a Wood Stain, a Wood Preservative, Decking Oil or Varnish, you’ll find the products you need in this section of our landscaping website.

Composite decking and composite fencing, whilst not technically timber, are also subject to the ravages of Mother Nature. Nestled within our range of timber treatments is a fabulous Composite Cleaner to remove dust, dirt and algae and restore pristine appearances. We even offer a Composite Decking Stain to refresh the colour.

The world of timber preservation can be a confusing place, and with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know if you are getting the best value for money. That’s why Arbour Landscape Solutions offers FREE technical advice for landscapers. We want you to be confident that you are choosing the right products for the right job. We work hard to ensure that our prices are as competitive as possible, but more importantly, you’ll find our customer service is second to none.