Decking & Paving Pedestals

Need sturdy and reliable decking and paving pedestals? You’ve come to the right place! These pedestal supports have been designed to stand up to the elements for a long lasting, stable and safe platform.

Uneven landscaped surfaces are not just unsightly, they’re downright dangerous. That’s why we’ve included these decking and paving pedestals in our extensive range of landscaping materials.

These cleverly engineered elements, raise your paving or decking above the supporting surface and allow free drainage as well as reducing the risk of frost damage.

Where To Use Decking And Paving Pedestals

These decking and paving pedestals are most often used on roof gardens and terraces where traditional installation methods are impractical.   For example, on a roof terrace it’s crucial that the waterproofing is protected at all times. 

However, there may be occasions when the waterproofing needs to be inspected or repaired, in which case, hard landscaping features will need to be lifted.  When you use decking and paving pedestals from Arbour Landscape Solutions, there’s no problem.  It’s easy to lift individual slabs and then replace them once the work is done.

If the supporting ground for your deck or paved area is not quite even, using pedestal bases like these will allow you to make adjustments to the levels.

Why Buy From Arbour Landscape Solutions?

The decking and paving pedestal systems from Arbour Landscape Solutions have been carefully engineered to suit almost all situations.  Made from durable polypropylene, there are plenty of different designs so that your requirements can be exactly matched. 

As with any of our products, we make time to listen to your needs and guide you through the process of choosing the right components for your project. And when it comes to customer service and delivery lead times - you can never go wrong ordering from the landscape industry specialists.

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