Diamond Blades and Core Bits

First for efficiency, safety and a high standard of finishing, This range of Diamond Blades and Diamond Core Bits has been highly recommended by our customers. As always, you'll find that they are very competitively priced. Normally delivered within 1-3 days.

For the highest possible standard of finishing on your hard landscaping projects, you need to have the right tools and you need to keep them sharp.

Our range of Diamond Cutting Blades includes specialist blades for every situation. From slicing through concrete to making clean cuts through porcelain paving, we have the right blade for you. Whether you prefer a table saw or a cut off saw, we can help you find the perfect cutting blades to ensure that you can achieve the results you want.

Alongside our Diamond Cutting Blades, you’ll find a comprehensive range of Diamond Core Bits for drills. Perfect for porcelain and ideal for ceramic tiles, these drill core bits come highly recommended. Available in 16 different sizes, and incredibly versatile – what’s not to like?

Cutting Tools And Equipment

Of course, a cutting blade is no use without the relevant tool, and if you are ready to add to or update your tool collection, Arbour Landscape Solutions can help.
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To hire a wet saw, a cut off saw, or a floor saw, Check Out Our Machinery Hire Category. Just as you’d expect from Arbour Landscape Solutions, we offer low prices and speedy delivery are an integral part of this nationwide service.